Welcome Back Melee

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Petanque is back!

Cobbetts have been running a monthly club night melee since January 2009 but the lockdowns meant this was the first one for 5 months. Our members were obviously very pleased to be able to get back out on to the terrain as we had a record turn-out of 26, beating the previous high of 24 back in April 2019.

A slight delay at the start to ensure everyone was aware of the play safe guidelines, more time required between rounds to redraw and read out the teams and a slight problem with the clock meant there was only time for 3 rounds instead of the usual 4.

Although seven players went through the evening undefeated amazingly only two won all 3 games. Paul and Hassi were drawn to play together in the first round and ground out a 4-2 win. They then went their separate winning ways perhaps showing the benefit of having a terrain at home to practice on! Congratulations to Hassi on winning ‘George’ beating Paul by just one point.

1st Hassi Leverett              3 Wins +10

2nd Paul Leverett              3 Wins +9

3rd David Franco Cruz      2 Wins 1 Draw +14

4th Sue Sandy                     2 Wins 1 Draw +4

5th Robin Tucker                2 Wins 1 Draw +3

6th Dave Stubbs                 1 Win 2 Draws +12

7th Jim Ireland                    2 Wins +10

8th Lee Redfern                 1 Win 2 Draws +9

9th Jay Willcocks 2 Wins +1

10th Frankie Bennett       2 Wins -5