Terrain Improvements

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In November 2022 work was started by Paul Bone on the long list of proposed improvements.

The shelter was extended to the end of the hedge. To enable this, the hedge had to be drastically cut back so that the steel work for the shelter could be installed in line with the old shelter. As a result, new fencing had to be erected in front of the now bare hedge! Boards were also placed along the whole length of the fence to prevent boules and cochonnets going under and cricket balls coming through in the other direction.
The line of the sleepers was also straightened and many rotten sleepers were replaced.

The very top terrain was also covered in much larger stones for practicing lobbing.

There is still a lot more work planned including:

  • burying the lighting cable and at the same time installing extra drainage
  • adding two extra floodlights to the existing poles to light the three end terrains
  • installing additional lighting under the shelter and replacing the current florescent lights with LEDs
  • replacing the non-slip strips with something more permanent
  • paving the entrance to the terrain
  • Moving the fencing at the top end to be in line with hedge so that an extra strip can be laid for the permanent installation of the shooting mat.
  • Straightening and resetting the floodlight pole in the bottom corner of the terrain and cutting back the overhanging trees.