Christmas Melee 2016

Sunday, December 11th 2016

After the early morning fog cleared, it was a very pleasant sunny day at Burridge with 23 players taking part in the annual Christmas Cup. After bacon rolls, tea/coffee and mince pies, there were four 30 minute rounds. After three rounds only two players, Dave and Alan, had won all their games. Dave won his final game to be the clear winner while Alan narrowly lost 11-13. Incredibly 8 players finished with 3 wins (3 of those all on the same points difference!) and Alan’s defeat left him in 6th place. An afternoon break enabled several people to attend the Saints match before we reconvened at 6pm at Franco and Paolo’s Italian Restaurant in Locks Heath for a very nice meal.

Leading Positions

1st Dave Stubbs              4 wins +35

2nd Steve Lombard         3 wins +16

3rd Richard Greeves       3 wins +14 (44-30)

=4th Sue Sandy               3 wins +14 (42-28)

=4th Callum Lombard      3 wins +14 (42-28)

6th Alan Forse                 3 wins +12 (45-33)

7th Lee Redfern               3 wins +12 (43-31)

8th Steve Brickell             3 wins +10

9th Andy Bradbury           3 wins +9