Club Competitions

The club held closed Singles, Doubles and Triples competitions up until the late 1980s. Sadly the results have probably been lost for good.

New trophies were purchased in 2012 for all three competitions and the Doubles and Triples were successfully resurrected but sadly only for that one year!

Doubles 2012
Triples 2012

A further attempt was made in 2016 and although the Singles got underway the finals were never played!

Singles 2016

Finally to 2020 and at last the successful running of a Club Singles to get people out playing during the Covid-19 pandemic. This was repeated in 2021 and 2022 along with another attempt at running the Club Doubles which spanned 2021/2022.

Singles 2020
Singles 2021
Singles 2022

Doubles 2021 (Finals Played in May 2022)
Doubles 2022