Club Doubles 2021

Here are the results of the league stages of the Club Doubles Competition.

League A
Lee + Diane 13-116-1313-613-61-1313-44w+6
Dave + Alan11-1313-613-313-813-013-75w +39
Paul + Janet D13-213-98-1313-120-137-133w-8
Sue + Steve L2-139-136-136-1313-77-131w-29
Ali + Chris13-129-134-133-137-1313-72w-22
Steve B + Terry12-1313-913-812-1313-1213-54w+16
Rod + Frankie13-610-133-138-1312-135-131w-20
Hassi + Steve D6-1313-1013-413-313-14-134w+18
League B
Barbara + Pauline/Rita13-1012-130-135-138-133-131w-34
Viv + Geoff10-1313-122-1312-1313-34-132w-13
Kevin + Ness12-134-1313-213-1213-1013-114w+7
Bernie + Graham13-1213-413-513-1113-813-36w+35
Mari + Carol11-1313-85-1311-133-1313-42w-8
Terri + Vi13-118-1313-013-510-1311-133w+13

A well-attended club night on May 3rd 2022 saw the long-delayed final stages of our Club Doubles 2021. There were some very close-fought matches. In the semi-finals, Dave and Alan had to work hard to beat Ness and Kevin, 13-8. Meanwhile a superb shot to move the jack, by Steve Daykin, allowed him and Hassi to finally edge a win 13-12 against Bernie and Graham. Almost everyone stopped to watch the exciting final which ended with Steve and Hassi winning 13-9 to make them our Cobbetts Club Doubles Champions for 2021. Well played all of you!