Club Melees

Club Night Melees

Club night melees were started in January 2009 and have continued to be held ever since, usually on the last Tuesday of every month (except December). This is usually made up of 4 rounds of 20 minute timed games. Teams are redrawn after every round, trying to avoid the same people playing together more than once if at all possible. Teams are a mixture of triples or doubles depending on numbers. The winner receives the prestigious ‘George Melee’ Trophy (first presented in June 2010) to keep for a month and a cash prize of £5, £1 of which is given to George!

Christmas Melees

In December, we play for the Cobbetts Curry Cup on the day of the club Christmas meal. This was traditionally a curry at the Purbani, Botley but has also been Chinese, Italian, Turkish and English! The winner receives the trophy to keep for a year and, along with the runner-up, bottles of wine.