Club Melees 2021

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26th January
Cancelled due Coronavirus restrictions
23rd February
Cancelled due Coronavirus restrictions
30th March
A record turn-out of 26 for our ‘Welcome Back’ melee. Report and Photos
1st Hassi Leverett 3 wins +10
2nd Paul Leverett
3 wins +9
3rd David Franco Cruz
2 wins 1 draw +14
27th April
Another fantastic turn-out of 25 players for our April club night melee and amazingly only 3 people won all 3 matches! Those highly experienced players Dave Lucas and Steve Daykin had to settle for 2nd and 3rd places respectively, both were on +19 but Dave scored one more point for. It was great to see one of our newer members taking home the George Melee trophy with 3 wins +22. Well played Jim Ireland.
1st Jim Ireland
3 wins +22
2nd Dave Lucas
3 wins +19 (26-7)
3rd Steve Daykin
3 wins +19 (25-6)
25th May
Cancelled due to the organiser being ill!
29th June
With the England v Germany football match at 5 p.m. a smaller turn-out of 15. Unusually only 4 players managed more than 2 wins! Two players won all their 4 games, with Graham Blake taking George home for the first time and one of our newer members, Terri Cox, very unlucky to only finish 2nd.
1st Graham Blake
4 wins +23
2nd Terri Cox
4 wins +19
3rd Rod Bennett
3 wins +17
4th Ali Stubbs
3 wins +9
27th July
A turn-out of 15 again. No 4 game winners this time but a very close finish between the 5 players on 3 wins. Sue recovered from narrowly losing her first game to win the next 3. Dave’s 4-1 win in the final game left him level with Sue on points difference but just trailing on points for! All the points for were amazingly close given the variety of scores in the timed games – Mari and Terry were on the same points for as Sue (26) while Bernie finished 3rd with points for of 25.
1st Sue Sandy
3 wins +8 (26-18)
2nd Dave Stubbs
3 wins +8 (24-16)
3rd Bernie Miles
3 wins +4
4th Mari Gravell
3 wins +3
5th Terri Cox
3 wins+1
31st August
For the third successive melee a turn-out of 15. Another evening of very close low scoring games with only 3 players winning more than 2 games. Ali remained unbeaten throughout the evening to take home George. Tony and Carol were the only two players to win 3 games and finished with the same points difference!
1st Ali Stubbs
4 wins +8
2nd Carol Collyer
3 wins +6 (25-19)
3rd Tony Cox
3 wins +6 (21-15)
28th September
Heavy rain at 7:30pm led to the cancellation of this month’s melee although 6 people did turn up (4 to play club doubles).

26th October
18 present on a mild October evening. Only 3 rounds played but a very close result with no less than 8 players on 2 wins! However, Terri Cox was the clear winner being the only player to win all 3 games. Great to see some of our newer members having success in this competition.
1st Terri Cox
3 wins +12
2nd Janet Dalton
2 wins +9
3rd Rod Bennett
2 wins +8
30th November
There were 16 players present and we welcomed David and Karen, caravanning friends of Graham and a return visit from Jimmy, Paul Bone’s son. After 3 rounds only Peter and Viv were undefeated. Peter fell to a narrow 6-8 defeat in round 4 while Viv continued her winning ways with a 9-4 success. It was a successful evening for the Tuckers with Robin recovering from a first round loss to finish 2nd.
1st Viv Tucker
4 wins +19
2nd Robin Tucker
3 wins +22
3rd Dave Stubbs
3 wins +16
4th Peter Dawson
3 wins +14
Sunday, 19th December
Christmas Melee