Club Melees 2022

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25th January postponed until 1st February
A good turn-out of 17 for the first melee of the year on a mild February evening.
After 3 rounds only Dave Lucas and Graham had won all of their games and Jim was also undefeated having drawn his first match. The draw put Dave and Graham together and a narrow 6-4 win meant they couldn’t be caught, despite Jim’s best efforts in winning his last match 12-1! Congratulations to one of our newest members, Mark White, who took 4th place in his first melee.
1st Dave Lucas
4 wins +19
2nd Graham Blake
4 wins +14
3rd Jim Ireland
3 wins 1 draw +19
4th Mark White
2 wins 1 draw +2
22nd February
15 present for the 2nd melee in February, a combination of the January melee being postponed for a week and a short month! Congratulations to Steve Love on taking home the George melee trophy. Going into the final round only Steve had won all 3 games but with a small plus of 7. There were 7 players on 2 wins waiting to pounce if he failed to win his final game. Steve, drawn with new player Mark and Robin, held his nerve to win 6-0 against Lee, Diane and Jim . Dave was 2nd with 3 wins +14, Ali and Janet were equal 3rd on +10 and Sue also finished on 3 wins and +5.
1st Steve Love
4 wins +13
2nd Dave Stubbs
3 wins +14
=3rd Janet Dalton & Ali Stubbs
3 wins +10
5th Sue Sandy
3 wins +5
29th March
After a turn-out of 24 at the previous Tuesday club night, it was disappointing to have only 13 present for the melee. After 3 rounds Ali was the only unbeaten player but there were 7 others on 2 wins ready to step in. The third round saw some big wins (13-0 and 12-4) but Ali held on for a narrow 5-4 win to thwart them all and take home George.
1st Ali Stubbs
4 wins +19
2nd Jim Ireland
3 wins +14
3rd Dave Stubbs
3 wins +12
26th April
A big welcome for Mark Robertshaw and Carrie Litchfield playing in their first club night melee. After 3 rounds only Mark and Vi had won all of their games and they were drawn against each other in the final round . It was a close game but a 9-7 win to Mark’s team saw him finish unbeaten and take home George at the first attempt! There were 5 players on 3 wins.
1st Mark Robertshaw
4 wins +21
2nd Vi Parsons
3 wins +15
3rd Dave Stubbs
3 wins +10
31st May
It was great to see Mike and Nick Hillier pay us a visit again and take part in the melee. There were drawn games in each of the first 3 rounds involving 12 of the 17 players! Ness looked to be favourite going into the 4th round as the only player with 3 wins. Dave S and Mari, both on two wins and a draw, were drawn to partner each other and ran out 12-4 winners. With Ness losing this left Dave as winner and Mari a close runner-up.
1st Dave Stubbs
3 wins 1 draw +17
2nd Mari Gravell
3 wins 1 draw +12
3rd Ness Raynbird
3 wins +7
28th June
Congratulations to Jay on winning Tuesday’s club night melee attended by 17. He was the only player to win all 4 games and with a massive difference of +30.
Great to see Pete Tomlin out again and he was runner-up on 3 wins +25. The only other 3 winner was Jim who managed to take third place with a difference of -6!
1st Jay Willcocks
4 wins +30
2nd Pete Tomlin
3 wins +25
3rd Jim Ireland
3 wins -6
26th July postponed until 2nd August
An amazing turn-out of 26 for the delayed July melee. Great to see a number of players attending their 1st club melee including Sue Davey, Dave Kilshaw, Pat Dennis and Jim B. Jim Ireland and Bernie were both on 3 wins but were drawn against each other in the last round. They fought out a 6-6 draw while Dave K., another player on 3 wins, narrowly lost 4-6. Steve D won his game 11-2 to take home George as the only player with 4 wins.
1st Steve Daykin
4 wins +31
2nd Bernie Miles
3 wins 1 draw +21
3rd Jim Ireland
3 wins 1 draw +16
30th August
Another good turn-out of 20 players. Congratulations to Steve Daykin who retained the ‘George Melee Trophy’. After the 3rd round Steve was trailing in 3rd place with a points difference of +15 behind Viv Tilbury (+23) and Carrie Litchfield (+18). A 13-1 win in the 4th game saw Steve leap into first place ahead of Carrie who won 9-4 and Viv who drew 4-4!
1st Steve Daykin
4 wins +27
2nd Carrie Litchfield
4 wins +23
3rd Viv Tilbury
3 wins 1 draw +23
27th September postponed until 4th October
The September melee was postponed due to a clash with a Bees league match. It was played on a mild, dry October evening but sadly only 12 players turned-out. After 3 rounds our newest member, Jim Bardell, appeared to be favourite as the only player with 3 wins. A loss for Jim in the 4th round saw a couple of players overtake him. Out of the 5 to finish on 3 wins, Dave had the much better points difference, and would have taken home George but for the previous winner, Steve Daykin, being in France!
1st Dave Stubbs
3 wins +16
2nd Roy Cook
3 wins +6
3rd Jim Bardell
3 wins +3
4th Viv Tilbury
3 wins +2
5th Peter Dawson
3 wins -1
25th October
The October melee was postponed until November 1st to allow some club doubles matches to take place. The melee was then cancelled as unfortunately, after a very wet day, only 7 turned up in the evening, even though it was now dry for the most part.
29th November postponed until 6th December
The November melee was postponed because of the England v Wales World Cup football match on the 29th. There were 13 present on the cold December evening. After 3 rounds, Dave was the only player on 3 wins but there were 6 others close behind on 2 wins. Mark R won his 4th game 13-1 to finish on +19. Dave’s game was at 3-3 going into the final end. With Dave on +18, a defeat would have meant a win for Mark but Dave’s triple managed to take the end for a 4-3 win, in one of the many low scoring games on the evening.
1st Dave Stubbs
4 wins +19
2nd Mark Robertshaw
3 wins +19
3rd Robin Tucker
3 wins +13
Sunday, 18th December
Christmas Melee