Club Melees 2023

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31st January
Despite temperatures being well above freezing, only 7 players turned out. The melee was cancelled and some fun games of 3 against 4 played instead!
28th February
A much better turn-out with 16 present for the melee and a couple more playing Winter Doubles. Unusually only 3 players managed to win 3 or more games with 9 players on 2 wins!
After 3 rounds Terry and Dave were both on 3 wins. Dave & Ness had a very tight match against Paul B & Robert with the score 5-4 going into the final end. A point right on the cocheonnet by Paul looked to have swing the game their way but Dave replied with a spot carreau and eventually took 5 points from the end for a 10-4 victory. Meanwhile Terry lost 2-6 letting Peter into 2nd place.
1st Dave Stubbs
4 wins +24
2nd Peter Dawson
3 wins +9
3rd Terry Rixon
3 wins +6
28th March
Good to see 18 players present even with the threat of rain in the air. After 2 rounds only 5 players had managed to win both games and by the end of the third round only Jim I, John and Steve L remained unbeaten. Jim and John (playing in his first Cobbetts’ melee) carried on their winning ways in the final round with 6-2 and 9-4 wins respectively. Jim, with the slightly better points difference, taking home George
1st Jim Ireland
4 wins +19
2nd John Barker
4 wins +14
3rd Steve Love
3 wins +8
4th Peter Dawson
3 wins +6
25th April
An excellent turn-out of 20 players on a dry April night. After 3 rounds, there were still 3 unbeaten players, Janet, Graham and Steve B. In the 4th round, Janet lost to Dave while Steve B lost to Jim Ireland putting both Dave and Jim on 3 wins. Also moving on to 3 wins after round 4 were John B and Viv. Graham comprehensively won his 4th game 13-4, the only game to reach 13 points in the whole evening, to remain unbeaten and take home George.
1st Graham Blake
4 wins +23
2nd Dave Stubbs
3 wins +23
3rd John Barker
3 wins +10
6th June (postponed from 30th May)
The May club night melee was delayed until Tuesday, June 6th to avoid a clash with the 9-a-side league match at the Ship. A reasonable turn-out of 15 on a lovely evening.  
6 players managed to win 3 of their 4 games but congratulations to who Ali who managed to win them all, finishing on 4 wins +20. The 6-5 win against Dave in the 3rd round proving decisive!
1st Ali Stubbs
4 wins +20
2nd Dave Stubbs
3 wins +13
3rd Steve Brickell
3 wins +12 (F29)
4th Viv Tilbury
3 wins +12 (F26)
27th June
An excellent turn-out of 20 for the June melee. Mark R was the only player to win all 4 games finishing with an impressive +33. Amazingly there were no players on 3 wins! Dave S was runner-up with 2 wins and 2 draws and no less than 6 other players had 2 wins and 1 draw!
1st Mark Robertshaw
4 wins +33
2nd Dave Stubbs
2 wins, 2 draws +11
25th July
15 players present for the July melee. Peter D looked well placed to win going into the last end of the 4th round with 3 wins, a 7-2 lead and an impressive +32. Also on 3 wins after 3 rounds were Viv with +29 and Steve D with just +18. Ali shot with her last boule to claim 5 points and hold Pete to a 7-7 draw, consigning him to 2nd place. Jim with two 13-0 wins claimed 3rd place while Steve went on to win all 4 games to claim George.
1st Steve Daykin
4 wins +15
2nd Peter Dawson 3 wins 1 draw +27
3rd Jim Ireland
3 wins +24
4th Viv Tilbury
3 wins +22
5th September (Postponed from 29th August)
With rain around on August 29th, the melee was postponed a week. There were 15 playing at the start with John joining in for the last round after playing his club singles. After 3 rounds only Dave and Bernie were on 3 wins and they were drawn together for the final round! Mark R was waiting for a slip up finishing on 3 wins +27 but Dave & Bernie somehow held on to win 5-3. This left Dave as the winner with +24 and Bernie 2nd with +21.
1st Dave Stubbs
4 wins +24
2nd Bernie Miles
4 wins +21
3rd Mark Robertshaw
3 wins +27
4th Carrie Litchfield 3 wins +14
26th September
Again 15 players although Jim Ireland was a late arrival and joined in for the 2nd round. present. After 3 rounds Bernie was the only player on 3 wins. However, a narrow 5-6 loss in the final round saw him overtaken by Steve D on points difference. Despite only playing 3 rounds, Jim managed to come 4th!
1st Steve Daykin
3 wins +13
2nd Bernie Miles
3 wins +9
3rd Ali Stubbs
2 wins 1 draw +9
4th Jim Ireland
2 wins 1 draw +6
31st October
Cancelled – heavy rain!
28th November
Sunday, 17th December
Christmas Melee – Date tbc