Club Melees 2019

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29th January
A very cold, damp evening with some sleet and snow. A few hardy souls turned-up but not the organiser!

26th February
After a glorious spring-like day, 20 players were encouraged to come out in the evening. After 3 rounds only Ali and Steve Lombard were on 3 wins and Ali was ahead on points having had 2 big wins. In the final round Steve suffered a very heavy defeat to Callum while Ali lost narrowly. This allowed Dave to sneak-in and win George with 3 wins and a draw while 5 others finished on 3 wins.

1st Dave Stubbs
2nd Ali Stubbs
3rd Robin Tucker
26th March
Two newcomers Steve and Heidi, were at the March melee trying out our club night for the first time. There were 15 players in total and after 3 rounds Heidi was on 3 wins along with Frankie, Tony and Mike. Heidi and Tony lost their final games, while Mike could only draw his, leaving Frankie as the only player to win all 4 Meanwhile. Paul Hayes, a prospective new member from Muscliffe and Bernie both came through to grab 3rd and 4th places.

1st Frankie Bennett
2nd Mike Porter
3rd Paul Hayes
4lh Benie Miles
30th April
An excellent turn-out of 24, the highest number ever apart from Christmas and Firework melees. After 3 rounds Lee. Dave and Carol were the only players on 3 wins. Lee and Carol fought out a 6-6 draw while Dave lost a very low sconng game 3-4. Meanwhile Mike Porter came storming into the running with a 13-0 win, leaving 3 players on 3 wins and a draw. Lee came out the winner by the closest of margins with just two points separating the top 3.

1st Lee Redfern
2nd Carol Colyer
3rd Mike Porter
28th May
A slightly disappointing 14 present after the April high. A mixture of big wins and low scoring games left Dave, Ali and Pete as the only players to have won all their games after 3 rounds. Pete could only draw his last game while Dave and Ali both won. With 4-3, 6-5 and 7-4 wins Ali was left trailing on points difference behind Dave.

1st Dave Stubbs
2nd Ali Stubbs
3rd Pete Tomlin
25th June
Another fine turn-out with 19 playing in the melee and 3 other members playing summer doubles. Mike, Dave and Lee had all won 3 games going into the final round. The draw put Mike with Dave against Lee and Steve Brickell. Dave and Mike looked to have the game won with an 8-4 lead but some amazing play by Lee to promote Steve’s front boules saw them take 5 points to snatch the game in the final end. Again some incredibly close results but Lee had the 4 wins!

1st Lee Redfern
2nd Dave Stubbs
3rd Mike Porter
4th Ali Stubbs
30th July
A warm summer evening but only 12 present After 3 rounds onlly Dave was undefeated. The final round saw a big change around with Dave suffering a heavy defeat and 5 of the 12 players finishing on 3 wins. Coming out on top was Mike Tull while Dave slumped to 5th!

1st Mike Tull
2nd Steve Lombard
3rd Terry Rixon
4th Lee Redfern
27th August
Another lovely evening but only 13 present. Going into the final round only Mike Tull had won all 3 games but Ali, Sue, Steve Love and Frankie were all on 2 wins and hoping for a slip-up. Ali and Sue had 11-2 wins to keep the pressure on but a 6-6 draw saw Mike retain George.

1st Mike Tull
2nd Ali Stubbs
3rd Sue Sandy
24th September
11 players turned up but unfortunately so did the rain! After the first round. Steve Love and Terry were tied on 1 win +13. With 3 others also on 1 win, it was decided to play one more round in the rain to try to find a winner but both games in the second round finished as a draw! Terry was just the winner as he had played in a 7-7 draw while Steve’s result was 6-6!
1st Terry Rixon
2nd Steve Love
29th October
There were 13 players present including new members Roger and Sue. After 3 rounds only Dave and Steve Love were on 3 wins. Steve lost his last game heavily to fall to 5th place while Dave struggled to an 8-5 win to take home George.

1st Dave Stubbs
2nd Viv Tucker
26th November
A mild evening after a very wet day saw 10 players turn-out. After 3 rounds only Hassi was unbeaten. A win for Dave in the final round against Hassi was not quite enough for him to retain George. Both he and Mike Tull finished on +15 but Mike sneaked it with 29 points for against Dave’s 27!
1st Mike Tull
2nd Dave Stubbs
3rd Hassi Leverett