Cobbetts Open Doubles 2005

Saturday, March 26th 2005

Held in glorious sunshine at Burridge. There were 26 teams with a large contingent (11 teams) being from the Lamb/Trevieres twinning!

Main Winners                       Lamb 9                         Richard Patterson, Jean-Francois

Runners-up                          Lamb 5                         Brian Leete, Pascal

Semi-Finalists                      Lamb 2                         Mike Knight, Debbie Elcome

                                             Croydon  3                   Daniel, Mary

Plate Winners                      Horse & Jockey 2         Ian Burchell, Stuart Hale

Runners-up                          Lamb 3                         Graham Elcome, Christophe

Semi-Finalists                      Horse & Jockey 1         Sue Hale, Barbara Burchell

                                             Admiral Cunningham   Jack Hilton, Lorna Remnant

Spoon Winners                    Lamb 4                         Malcom Berrett, Sandrine

Runners-up                          Limesdowne 1              Kevin Walker, Christie Walker

Main Consolage Winners    Lamb 10                       Claire Ide, Jean-Phillipe

Runners-up                          Croydon 1                    Brian Sully, Merle Sully

Plate Consolage Winners    Limesdowne 3              Danny Corp, Jackie Lee

Highest Placed Juniors        Lamb 2                         Debbie Elcome (Main Semi Final)

                                             Lamb 1                         Marine (Plate Qtr-Final )