Cobbetts Open Doubles 2013

Sunday, April 21st 2013

There were 29 teams entered on a lovely, sunny spring day.

From the 7 morning leagues, there were 6 teams that had won all of their matches. Leading the way were Steve & Karen Lombard (CobRose) with a formidable +32 with David Cruz & Dave Lucas (Spanglo Daves) next with +25. Also winning 3 games were Mike Porter & Alison Stubbs, Dani Sorianio & Stuart Floyd, Dave Stubbs & Richard Greeves and Frank Charlesworth & Christine Peat. These 6 teams were joined in the Main competition by Steve Snudden & Lesley Manning (winners of League 7) and Chris Barron & Steve Daykin as best runners-up. The next 8 teams went into the Plate competition, the next 8 into the Wooden Spoon and the final 5 into the ODNM (Oh Dear Never Mind). The top 4 teams from the morning maintained their form to reach the semi-finals and David and Dave went on to win the final 13-10 against Steve and Karen. There were some very strong teams amongst the other prize winners with Dave & Richard winning the Main Consolage, Mike & Harrison the Plate, Paul & Sheila (champions in 2011 & 2012) the Plate Consolage and Dean Seville & Graham Elcome the Wooden Spoon! Alan & Kate won the ODNM, a small compensation for losing their first 2 games in the morning 12-13.

The 18 prizewinning teams were as follows:

Main Winners                      David Cruz (Cobbetts) & Dave Lucas (Ship)

         Runners-up                Steve Lombard (Cobbetts) & Karen Lombard (Hampshire Rose)   

         Semi-finalists             Mike Porter & Ali Stubbs (Cobbetts)

                                            Dani Soriano (Cobbetts) & Stuart Floyd (Adur)

Main Consolage Winners   Richard Greeves & Dave Stubbs (Cobbetts)    

                      Runners-up   Frank Charlesworth & Christine Peat (Oxshott)  

Main Qualifiers                    Steve Snudden (Bordon) & Lesley Manning (Crondall)

                                            Chris Barron & Steve Daykin (Cobbetts)

Plate Winners                      Mike Tull & Harrison Ash (Bordon)  

         Runners-up                Danny Corp & Jed Stone (Limesdowne)                                                  

         Semi-finalists             Nigel Sibbring (Handcross) & Martin Gordon (Adur)

                                            Alex Hepburn & Matt Silvester (Hampshire Rose)

Plate Consolage Winners   Paul & Sheila Hayward (Limesdowne)

                      Runners-up   Allan Paice (Crondall) & Bernie Miles (Southampton City)      

Wooden Spoon Winners     Graham Elcome (Adur) & Dean Seville

                      Runners-up   Chris Wilcox (Oxshott) & Pauline Baxter

Spoon Consolage Winners Jackie Corp & Tony Jones (Limesdowne)     

ODNM Winners                   Alan & Kate Douglas (Ship)

The Shoot the Egg competition was won by Alex Hepburn (Hampshire Rose).