1. The Club shall be known as COBBETTS BOULES CLUB.
  2. The Club’s headquarters shall be at Burridge Social & Sports Club, Botley Road, Burridge, Southampton, SO31 1BS.
  3. The aim of the Club shall be to foster and encourage the playing of Petanque.
  4. The Club shall be affiliated to Petanque England, through the Southern Counties Petanque Association.
  5. a) The executive of the club shall be: President, Vice-President, Club Captain, Secretary and Treasurer.
    b) The Club’s general committee shall be made up of the executive and other members of the club elected at the AGM.
    c) The executive and general committee shall have the power to co-opt members on to the committee for specific purposes. Such co-opted members shall have full voting rights.
    d) The Vice-President, Club Captain, Secretary and Treasurer and other members of the general committee shall have ONE vote each at committee meetings and the President, who will normally be Chairman at such meetings, will have only a casting vote as and when required.
    e) A quorum for all general committee meetings shall be FOUR voting members.
    f) Minutes and records of attendance at all meetings shall be kept by the Secretary.
  6. a) The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Club shall be held during November each year
    b) Three weeks notice of a forthcoming A.G.M. will be given, in writing, to all fully paid-up members of the Club.
    c) Items for the agenda of the A.G.M. must be given, in writing, to the Secretary ONE week prior to the date of the A.G.M.
    d) Only fully paid-up members of the Club shall have the right to vote at the Club’s A.G.M.
  7. Extraordinary General Meetings can be called at any time by the Club’s committee or by ONE THIRD of the remaining fully paid-up members of the club.
  8. CLUB FUNDS. a) A record of all incoming monies and expenditures shall be maintained by the Treasurer, who shall produce an audited record of income and expenditure at the Club’s A.G.M.
    b) The audit sub-committee shall consist of the President and one other nominated general committee member.
    c) The Club’s financial year shall run from the first day of November to the following last day of October.
    d) The Club’s funds shall be deposited in a bank/building society account under the exclusive name of COBBETTS BOULES CLUB and shall have two nominated signatories for any withdrawal.
    e) The Club’s ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION, PISTE FEES AND VISITOR’S FEES shall be agreed at the Club’s A.G.M. but these can be changed by the general committee, should the need arise.
    f) Membership will lapse if fees are not paid by the first day of JANUARY.
    g) All reasonable expenses incurred by a member of the Club, on official Club business, approved by the Executive, shall be reimbursed from Club funds.
  9. a) New members must complete the Club’s applications form, which must be passed to the Club’s committee for ratification.
    b) All members of the Club will be actively encouraged to take out Petanque England licences and enter the various competitions organised by Petanque England.
  10. The Club Captain shall be elected at the A.G.M. and will be responsible for the selection of teams entered by the club in competitions other than the teams for the SCPA Regional Leagues, which will be selected by the captains of such teams.
  11. The Executive has the right to withdraw membership from any member of the Club; There will be fourteen days to appeal.
  12. DISSOLUTION a) Cobbetts Boules Club may be dissolved at any time by consent of a majority of members at an EGM or AGM as defined in Clauses