The EuroCup is a cup competition for clubs. Petanque England (PE) organise the English rounds of the cup with the winning team going forward to the European stages organised by the CEP. The four teams that qualify for the final stage are seeded into the following year’s semi-finals (Round 4). The four runners-up from the semi-finals compete for the PE Cup (formerly the EPA Cup).

Clubs are allowed to enter up to two teams. All players must hold their PE licence with the club they are representing.

The playing format has varied over the years. Initially there were 3 rounds, triples, doubles and triples again. This was later reduced to 2 rounds, triples followed by doubles. A round of 6 singles games was then introduced for the final stages to bring it into line with the CEP stages of the competition.

Cobbetts have had some success in the competition, winning the PE Cup in 2015/16 and reaching the PE EuroCup finals in 2018/19 where they finished 3rd. This meant they were a seeded team for the 2019/20 competition. This competition was sadly postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic but was eventually held in July 2021.


2022/23 Semi-Final 2nd
PE Cup Final (To be played)
2021/22 Semi-Final 3rd
2019/20 Semi-Final 2nd (Played in 2021)
PE Cup Final 4th
2018/19 PE EuroCup 3rd
2017/18 Semi-Final 3rd
2015/16 EPA Cup Winners
Other Years