Indoor League 2022/23

Friday, November 4th – Round 1

League 1
Southampton CityvRiver Hamble 3-6
Fareham ConifersvShedfield5-4
League 2
Cobbetts SixvMuscliff Cherries8-1
Portchester CastlesvCrondall4-5
Fareham Maple LeavesvShip Seahorses4-5

The Cobbetts Indoor Winter League was back at Quob Stables on a Friday night. A slightly different experience from before with, sadly, the cafe no longer open. The organisers from Cobbetts did their best to provide some hot drinks but it also meant, with no stable staff present, they were left with the responsibility of locking-up at the end! There were 10 teams entered and it was good to see lots of old friends along with several players new to the sport. Thank you to everyone who turned out but especially Muscliff and Crondall for making the long journey.

Team of the Night

1st Glenn Floyd, Kris Geddes (River Hamble) 3 wins +25

Friday, January 13th – Round 2 (Postponed from December 9th)

League 1
Southampton City v Fareham Conifers 2-7
River Hamble v Shedfield 6-3
League 2
Cobbetts Six v Fareham Maple Leaves8-1
Muscliff Cherriesv Portchester Castles4.5 – 4.5
Ship Seahorsesv Crondall 6-3

The delayed second round of the Indoor League was held on Friday, January 13th. It was great to have the café open again with a good selection of drinks and food. The new owners were very friendly and helpful and good comments were heard especially for the coffee and bacon rolls.

In the closest match I think we’ve had yet, the score between Portchester Castles and Muscliff Cherries was 4-4 in wins with one draw. The final game finishing 12-12!

A number of pairs were in the running for Team of the Night but Steve Lombard and Ray Oakley took the prize money with an impressive +33.

Team of the Night

1st Steve Lombard, Ray Oakley (River Hamble) 3 wins +33
2nd Mark Robertshaw, Paul Bone (Cobbetts) 3 wins +26
=3rd Mark White, Steve Mills (Cobbetts) 3 wins +20
=3rd Paul Hayward, Sheila Hayward (Fareham) 3 wins +20

Friday, February 10th – Round 3

League 1
Southampton CityvShedfield 8-1
River Hamble vFareham Conifers 7-2
League 2
Cobbetts Six vShip Seahorses6.5 -2.5
Muscliff CherriesvCrondall 2-7
Fareham Maple LeavesvPortchester Castles4-5

Team of the Night
1st Callum Lombard & Marc Franco Llado (River Hamble) 3 wins +29
2nd Peter Galton & Tim Jewell (Southampton City) 3 wins +23
3rd Paul Myers & Elliot Mortimer (Crondall) 3 wins +20

League Tables after 3 Rounds

League 1

River Hamble3300198311
Fareham Conifers3201141321
Southampton City310213141-1

League 2

Cobbetts Six330022.54.5318
Ship Seahorses320113.513.520
Portchester Castles311113.513.51.50
Muscliff Cherries30127.519.50.5-12
Fareham Maple Leaves30039180-9

Friday, March 10th – Semi-Finals

Gold Competition
River HamblevCrondall5-4
Cobbetts SixvFareham Conifers5-4
Silver Competition
Ship SeahorsesvShedfield 4-5
Portchester CastlesvSouthampton City4.5-4.5
Muscliff CherriesvFareham Maple Leaves5-4

The semi-final round of the Cobbetts Indoor Winter league took place at Quob Stables on Friday, March 10th. The Gold semi-finalists were River Hamble (winners of League One) versus Crondall (runners–up in League 2) and Cobbetts Six (winners of League 2) versus Fareham Conifers (runners-up in League 1). Both matches were very close. Crondall won all three second round games to take a 4-2 lead but River Hamble came fighting back to win all of their final 3 games to win 5-4.

The score was 3-3 after 2 rounds in the Cobbetts-Fareham match but Cobbetts took the first 2 games in the final round to claim a place in the final also with a 5-4 win.

In the Silver competition, there were 5-4 wins for Shedfield and Muscliff Cherries against Ship Seahorses and Fareham Maple Leaves respectively. The other match between Portchester Castles and Southampton City finished in a draw, 4 games all and the final game tied at 8-8!

Results for team of the night:
1st Carrie Litchfield and Dave Stubbs (Cobbetts Six) 3 wins +27
2nd Marian Green and Kate Douglas (Ship Seahorses) 3 wins +23
3rd Gerry Mcaleese and Daena Vincent (Fareham Maple Leaves) 3 wins +21

Friday, March 31st – Finals

Gold Competition
Final River HamblevCobbetts 66-3
3rd/4th Play-off CrondallvFareham Conifers4-5
Silver Competition
Final ShedfieldvMuscliff Cherries3-6
7th/8th/9th/10th Play-off Southampton CityvFareham Maple Leaves4-5
7th/8th/9th/10th Play-off Portchester CastlesvShip Seahorses5-4
Places in the Silver determined by match wins, game wins, points difference in the final round.
7th Portchester Castles 5-4 +5
8th Fareham Maple Leaves 5-4 -9
9th Southampton City 4-5 +9
10th Ship Seahorses 4-5 -5