Leagues 2014

A record breaking season with the club doing the double of the 6-a-side and 9-a-side championships.
This is the first time that the club have won the 6-a-side Division 1 title after coming runners-up for the past two seasons.

There were two team entered in the 9-a-side league.
The 9-a-side Division 1 team retained the championship finishing two wins and a big points difference ahead of Crondall. They had an incredible four 8-1 victories and just two defeats, both narrowly 4-5.
The 9-a-side ‘Extras’ team won 3 of their 8 matches to again finish in 4th place in Division 2.
9-a-side Division 1 Captain: Steve Lombard
9-a-side Division 2 ‘Extras’ Captain: Mike Porter

There were again three teams entered in the 6-a-side league.
The ‘A’ team bettered last year’s performance by winning the league for the first time ever. Their 11 wins and 57 points was enough to put them just one point ahead of Southampton City. Some impressive performances included four 5-0 victories!
The ‘B’ team had an excellent season playing in Division 1 for the first time. They finished 5th but were only two points behind 3rd place.
The ‘Sea-ciders’ team were back in Division 4 and won 4 games out of 12 to finish 4th.
6-a-side Division 1 ‘A’ Captain: Dave Stubbs
6-a-side Division 1 ‘B’ Captain: Pete Tomlin
6-a-side Division 4 ‘Sea-ciders’ Captain: Sue Sandy