Leagues 2023

6-a-side League

Cobbetts have again entered three teams in the 6-a-side league.

Dave Stubbs returns to running the ‘Ales’ team, taking over from Richard Greeves, after one season running the 9-a-side team. The team only managed 6th place last season but hope for a much improved placing this year with the addition of some new faces to the squad.

The ‘Bees’ team also finds itself with a new captain with Paul Bone taking over from Bernie Miles. The team will be hoping for a quick return to Division 1 after their relegation last year.

The ‘Cubs” team is still under the captaincy of Graham Blake. There will be some new faces in the team and they will be pressing for promotion from Division 3 West to Division 2.

  • 6-a-side
    • Division 1: Cobbetts Ales (Captain: Dave Stubbs)
    • Division 2: Cobbetts Bees (Captain: Paul Bone)
    • Division 3 West: Cobbetts Cubs (Captain: Graham Blake)

9-a-side League

It was great to get enough interest to be able to enter two teams this season. The 9-a-side A team will be captained by Mark Robertshaw, who takes over from Dave Stubbs who returns to running a 6-a-side team. We are pleased to say that Janet Dalton agreed to take on the role of 9-a side B team captain. Running a second team will give more of our newer players the opportunity of some league experience.

Division 1: Cobbetts A (Captain: Mark Robertshaw)
Division 1: Cobbetts B (Captain: Janet Dalton)