Old Club News

Sunday, July 30th Hassi & Mark R winners of Clymping Snowdrop Charity Doubles. Ali & Jay runners-up
Sunday, July 23rd Hassi (with Angela Brooks & Carolyn Greenhalgh) winners of National IWD Triples
Sunday, July 16th Chris B winner of Gold Consolage at SCPA Singles
Saturday & Sunday, July 8th, 9th Ali, Dave K, Carrie, Dave S, Rich, Mark R, Dave L & Hassi all qualify for SCPA squad for Inter-Regional Championship
Sunday, July 2nd EuroCup Semi-Finals Cobbetts 2 finish as runners-up to qualify for EPA Cup Final Fixtures
Sunday, June 4th Carrie and Dave Lucas (with Paula Fauvel) Gold consolage winners at Southampton City Triples
Saturday, May 27th Hassi (with Angela Brooks) runner-up in PE National Women’s Doubles
Saturday, May 20th Richard Greeves (with Alex Read) runner-up in SCPA Adult/Junior Doubles
Sunday, May 7th Cobbetts Open Doubles Results
Monday, May 1st Steve Daykin winner of Gold Consolage at SCPA Open Singles
Sunday, April 30th Dave and Rich (with Bob Bish) Gold Quarter-Finalists at SCPA Open Triples
Saturday, April 29th Dave and Rich Silver Winners at SCPA Open Doubles
Sunday, April 23rd Graham (with Bob Bish) winner of Fareham Spring Doubles
Saturday, April 22nd Dave (with Matthew Butcher) runner-up in PE St George’s Adult/Junior Doubles
Sunday, April 16th Dave and Rich winners of SCPA Over 55s at Crondall
Saturday, April 8th Mark R, Hassi and Jay winners of Gold Consolage at Worthing
Friday, April 7th Dave and Rich (with Bob Bish) runners-up in Gold Consolage at Bordon
Sunday, April 2nd Dave and Rich (with Bob Bish) semi-finalists in Arundel Triples
31/03/23 Cobbetts 6 runners-up to River Hamble in Indoor Winter League Final Results
25/03/23 Hassi runner-up (with Karen Lombard) in SCPA IWD Doubles.
24/03/23 Cobbetts 1 lose 2-3 at Worthing in PE EuroCup Plate Results
21/03/23 Steve D & Hassi beat Jim I & Bernie in Club Doubles Final Results
12/03/23 Mark R & Hassi 4th in Oxshott Open Doubles
05/03/23 Mark Robertshaw wins SCPA Winter Melee at Fareham
27/11/22 Mark Robertshaw wins SCPA Melee at Burridge
20/11/22 Cobbetts win 9-a-Salver Plate competition
13/11/22 Mark & Hassi win Cobbetts Poppy Appeal Doubles Report
02/10/22 Dave & Rich runners-up in Silver competition at PE veterans Champion of Champions
01/10/22 Dave & Rich semi-finalists in PE National Veterans
25/09/22 Ali & Dave semi-finalists in SCPA Mixed Doubles
11/09/22 Dave & Rich runners-up in Bordon Open Doubles
04/09/22 Dave & Rich semi-finalists in SCPA Doubles at Adur
24/07/22 Dave, Lee & Diane win Gold Consolage at Clymping Open Triples
23/07/22 Ali & Jay winners of Portchester Invitation Plate Doubles
10/07/22 Cobbetts 1 played at Luton in EuroCup Semi-Finals Results and Fixtures
07/07/22 Dave & Rich semi-finalists in SCPA Over 65s at Muscliff
03/06/22 Dave & Rich win Silver competition at SCPA Open Doubles
08/05/22 Dave Stubbs 3rd in SCPA Precision Shooting
17/04/22 Ali Stubbs and Jay Willcocks runners-up in Crondall Open Doubles
15/04/22 Steve Daykin (with Phil Bradshaw & Pat Dennis) wins Bordon Open Triples. Ali Stubbs, Steve Mills (with Harrison Ash) semi-finalists. Dave Stubbs, Rich Greeves (with Marc Franco Llado) plate winners.10/4/22 Dave Stubbs and Rich Greeves runners-up in SCPA Over 55s. Steve Brickell (with Danny Corp) semi-finalists.
19/03/22 Dave Stubbs & Rich Greeves win SCPA Winter Doubles. Lee & Diane are runners-up.
16/03/22 Cobbetts Six win Indoor League Gold Final Results
27/02/22 Steve Daykin (with Phil Bradshaw) runner-up in SCPA Indoor Doubles. Ali Stubbs & Mike Porter and Dave Stubbs & Rich Greeves were Quarter-finalists.
13/02/22 Steve Brickell (with Danny Corp & Martin Gordon) runner-up in Worthing Spring Open. Steve Daykin (with Ashley & Angie Jamieson) semi-finalist. Results
28/12/21 Steve Daykin (with Phil Bradshaw) wins Arundel Winter Open
19/12/21 Patrick Hart wins the Christmas Melee Report
28/11/21 Steve Daykin (with Phil Bradshaw) runner-up in SCPA Bouledrome Doubles.
18/11/21 Mixed fortunes in Eurocup at Fareham. Cobbetts 1 beat Fareham Maple Leaves 5-0 while Cobbetts 2 lost to Fareham Conifers 1-4. Results
14/11/21 Steve Daykin (with Phil Bradshaw) win the Poppy Appeal Doubles Report and Full Results
07/11/21 Rich Greeves, Paul Leverett and Dave Stubbs win Main Consolage at SCPA Secretary’s Cup Report 24/10/21 Cobbetts runners up to River Hamble in 9-a-side Salver both teams winning 5 rounds but River Hamble 14-13 ahead on games won.
03/10/21 Rod Bennett (with Danny Corp) semi-finalist in Worthing Autumn Doubles Full Results
28/09/21 David Franco Cruz (with Paula Fauvel) wins SCPA Mixed Doubles. Mike Tull (with Sammy Ogles) runners-up. Ali & Dave Stubbs win Plate competition. Full results
19/09/21 Dave Stubbs, Richard Greeves, Steve Daykin and David Franco Cruz and Marc Franco Llado (with Callum Lombard) reach the semi-finals of the PE Champion of Champions Triples at Whitnash
18/09/21 David Franco Cruz (with Callum Lombard) reach the semi-final of the PE Champion of Champions Doubles at Whitnash.
11/09/21 Hassi Leverett and Dave Lucas (with Mark Robertshaw) win Bordon Open Triples
04 & 05/09/21 Well done to all the Cobbetts players that helped the region take 4th place in the Inter-Regional Championships in Melton Mowbray. Report
29/08/21Steve Daykin (With Phil Bradshaw) wins Adur Open Doubles
22/08/21 Cobbetts 2 finish 4th in a very close PE Cup Final Results
08/08/21 Steve Daykin (With Phil Bradshaw & Pat Dennis) win Clymping Open Triples
25/07/21 David Franco Cruz retains Club Summer Singles title Details
10 & 11/07/21 Congratulations to the Cobbetts players that have qualified to represent the SCPA at the Inter-Regional Championships in September – David Franco Cruz, Marc Franco Llado (SCPA Team 1), Richard Greeves, Steve Daykin, Dave Stubbs (SCPA Team 2), Jay Willcocks (SCPA Team 4), Steve Lombard, and Dave Lucas (SCPA Team 5). The first two teams will also represent the SCPA at the Champion of Champions Triples also in September. 04/07/21 Cobbetts 2 are runners-up in the EuroCup Semi-finals and qualify for the PE Cup Final. Results 03/07/21 David Franco Cruz & Marc Franco Llado are 3rd in the SCPA Winter Doubles. Hassi Leverett (with Mark Robertshaw) 4th, Richard Greeves & Dave Stubbs 7th and Ali Stubbs & Dave Lucas 8th. Report
20/06/21 Congratulations to the Cobbetts players that have qualified for the SCPA Masters – David Franco Cruz, Marc Franco Llado, Richard Greeves, Steve Daykin, Dave Stubbs, Steve Lombard, Jay Willcocks and Dave Lucas. Commiserations to those players who did not qualify especially Rod Bennett and Steve Brickell who missed out by the smallest of margins, being equal 12th on wins and points difference but having fewer points for. Report
19/06/21 Steve Daykin (with Phil Bradshaw & Barry Wing) semi-finalist in PE SSE2 Triples
12/06/21 Steve Daykin semi-finalist in PE Squad Selection Event (SSE) Singles
05 & 06/06/21 Hassi Leverett (with Claire White & Barry Scott) runner-up in PE National Veterans (Over 55s)
06/06/21 David Franco Cruz (with Callum Lombard) runner-up in SCPA Doubles
30/5/21 Steve and Karen Lombard win Cobbetts Open Doubles Details
16/05/21 Steve Daykin wins SCPA Singles Details
02/05/21 Steve Daykin wins Handcross Open Triples (with Ashley & Angie Jamieson)
29/04/21 Friendly v Southampton City (Home). A good evening but lost 4-5 (or was it 3-6?)
25/04/21 David Franco Cruz (with Sean Prendergast & Callum Lombard) is semi-finalist in South Coast Triples at Worthing. Hassi Leverett and Jay Willcocks (with Mark Robertshaw) win Gold Consolage.
18/04/21 David Franco Cruz (with Callum Lombard) wins Worthing Spring Open Doubles.
30/03/21 Hassi wins ‘Welcome Back’ club night melee. Report and Photos

20/12/20 Alan Forse wins Christmas Melee. Vi Parsons is best newcomer. Report and photos
13/12/20 Mike Tull and Harrison Ash win the rescheduled Poppy Doubles. Report and photos
31/10/20 SCPA Autumn Cup Semi-Finals and Final, Burridge
Semi-Final: Cobbetts A v Fareham Conifers Won 3-2
Final: Cobbetts A v River Hamble Lost 2-3 Report and Photos
18/10/20 Dave Lucas & Steve Lombard are runners-up in SCPA Winter Doubles. Dave Stubbs & Richard Greeves finish 5th. Report & Results
01/10/20 Friendly v Southampton City (Away) Won 5 Lost 3 Drawn 1
01/09/20 David beats Diane to take the Club Singles title Full Results
23/02/20 Ali, Mike and Jay win the Worthing Charity Triples

15/12/19 Steve Daykin wins Cobbetts Christmas Cup melee. Robin and Viv share Curry Cup for best newcomers
08/12/19 Dave wins SCPA Melee held after the AGM
10/11/19 Steve Daykin wins Poppy Doubles (with Phil Bradshaw). Lee and Diane win Plate competition. 27/10/19 Hassi wins SCPA Secretary’s Cup (with Steve Lombard and Mark Robertshaw).
Ali wins Main Consolage (with Glenn Floyd and Dave Lucas).
26/10/19 David and Marc win SCPA Summer Doubles
20/10/19 Cobbetts runners-up in SCPA 9-a-side Salver
29/09/19 Lee & Diane and Richard and Sue Greeves reach semi-finals of SCPA Mixed Doubles.
22/09/19 Mike & Dave win Southampton City Open Doubles.
01/09/19 Marc wins SCPA Doubles (with Liam Kidd).
23/08/19 Steve Daykin, Callum Lombard and Glenn Floyd win Twinning Trophy back from the French. Steve & Callum Lombard with Vincent win melee.
18/08/19 Steve Daykin runner-up in Worthing Open Triples (with Barry Wing and Ashley Jamieson)
04/08/19 Steve Daykin wins Bath Open (with Callum Lombard and Jamie Brooks).
04/08/19 Lee reaches semi-finals of SCPA Over 50s (with Dave Peerman).
20 & 21/07/19 11 Cobbetts players play in the SCPA Masters at Southsea- Dave, Rich, Steve D, David, Marc, Rod, Mike, Ali, Bernie, Chris and Steve B.
13 &14/07/19 Steve Daykin wins La British Open Triples (with Callum Lombard and Jamie Brooks)
07/07/19 David wins Arundel Summer Doubles (with Graham Elcome)
30/06/19 Dave, Richard and Steve B runners-up in Southampton City Triples.
22/06/19 Hassi runner-up in National Veterans Triples (with Graham Elcome and Duncan Brown)
01/06/19 Steve D and Marc runners-up in SCPA Adult/Junior Doubles
26/05/19 Dave & Richard win Fareham Open Doubles beating Ali and Pete in the final.
12/05/19 Steve Daykin (with Phil Bradshaw and Clive De Silva) qualify as England 1 for Home Nations.
11/05/19 Ali and Mike Porter (with Matt Slater) win Southsea Open Triples Plate.
05/05/19 Steve Daykin (with Vince Wills and Mark Robertshaw) runners-up in SCPA Open Triples. Lee and Diane win Silver consolage.
04/05/19 Steve Daykin and Dave runners-up in Gold consolage at SCPA Open Doubles.
27 & 28/04/19 Cobbetts take 3rd place in EuroCup finals behind Baldock Town and London but ahead of Manston. Results
14/04/19 Steve Daykin wins Worthing Doubles with Jamie Brooks
14/04/19 Hassi wins PE International Women’s Day Doubles with Karen Lombard
31/03/19 Callum Lombard and Barry Wing win Cobbetts Doubles
23/03/19 Mike Tull (With Sammy Thacher) win SCPA Winter Doubles. David and Marc are runners-up
15/03/19 Leftovers retain the Indoor League Trophy. Cobb@Quob win Silver and Cobbetts 6 win Bronze.
09/03/19 Dave, Rich & Steve D. win Main Consolage at Arundel
03/03/19 Terry joint winner of SCPA Melee at Fareham

27/12/18 Hassi & Lee win Arundel Winter Doubles

11/11/18 Karen & Callum win Poppy Doubles, Dave and Rich are runners-up. £1000 raised for Poppy Appeal

27/10/18 Mike & Ali win SCPA Summer Doubles. Dave & Rich runners-up.

21/10/18 Cobbetts A runners-up in 9-a-side Salver, Cobbetts Extras 3rd.

14/10/18 Mike & Ali win SCPA Doubles. Glenn & Liam runners-up.

08/10/18 Glenn & Lee and Steve Lombard (with Callum) are both semi-finalists at PE Champion Of Champions

30/09/18 Steve Brickell, Chris Barron and Hassi are Semi-finalists in Worthing Open Triples.

15 & 16/09/18 11 Cobbetts players in the SCPA team that finished 3rd in the Inter-Regionals (David, Dave, Steve D, Richard, Glenn, Steve L, Mike P, Ali,

Mike T, Diane and Lee.15 & 16/09/18 Marc and Liam (with Jamie Brooks and Sally Sin) win the Junior Inter-Regional Championship for the region.

15/09/18 Marc retains EPA Junior Precision Shooting title

09/09/18 David retains SCPA Mixed Doubles title with Paula.

19/08/18 Dave & Rich win ‘C competition in Groningen Doubles (96 teams).

18/08/18 Dave, Rich, Steve D, Mike & Ali play in Groningen Triples (80 teams).

22/07/18 Mike and Lyn runners-up in Arundel Doubles Plate

14 & 15/07/18 David, Steve Lombard, Dave, Richard, Steve Daykin, Glenn, Mike, Ali all qualify for the SCPA Inter-Regional Squad

07/07/18 Richard semi-finalist in SCPA Singles

17/06/18 Steve Lombard & Glenn (with Matt Slater) runners-up in EPA Ranking Triples. David semi-finalist.

16/06/18 Steve Daykin (with Lee Jamieson) semi-finalist in EPA Ranking Doubles

10/06/18 Dave, Rich & Steve Daykin qualify for Masters in 1st place after 2nd SCPA Qualifier at Worthing.

09/06/18 Glenn wins Adult/Junior Doubles with Jamie Brooks. David and Liam are runners-up

03/06/18 Steve Daykin (with Jamie Brooks) runner-up in Handcross Charity Doubles. Steve Brickell 3rd.

28/05/18 David (with Paula Fauvel) winner of Bronze competition at EPA Mixed Doubles

27/05/18 David and Marc quarter-finalists in EPA Doubles. Glenn (with Mark Robertshaw) silver semi-finalist.

26/05/18 Glenn Gold consolage winner at EPA Singles

12/05/18 Steve Daykin semi-finalist at EPA Ranking Singles, Glenn quarter-finalist.

06/05/18 Steve Daykin wins gold consolage in SCPA Open Singles

05/05/18 Dave, Rich & Steve Daykin semi-finalists in SCPA Open Doubles

29/04/18 David, Marc & Steve Daykin runners-up at Adur

21/04/18 Successful ‘Petanque & Prosecco Afternoon Tea’. Report

15/04/18 Dave, Rich & Steve Daykin runners-up at Arundel

11/04/18 Article on Poppy Doubles published in Loop magazine. Article

08/04/18 Dave, Rich & Steve Daykin semi-finalists at Handcross

01/04/18 Steve Daykin with Callum wins Cobbetts Doubles. Ali and Mike semi-finalists. Report

30/03/18 David wins Bordon Triples with Callum and Stuart. Dave, Rich and Steve Daykin runners-up.

25/02/18 Dave & Rich win Worthing Charity Doubles consolage

03/12/17 Dave wins SCPA Winter Melee at Burridge. David runner-up.

19/11/17 Steve Lombard, Alan and Rod runners-up in Secretary’s Cup. Dave & Ali (with Dave Lucas) plate runners-up.

12/11/17 Stuart Floyd and Callum Lombard win Poppy Doubles. Steve & Karen Lombard are runners-up. Report

05/11/17 Dave wins SCPA Winter Melee at Shedfield

22/10/17 Cobbetts retain SCPA 9-a-side Salver

16/10/17 Steve Lombard (with Callum) wins SCPA Doubles. Glenn and Lee are runners-up.

24/09/17 Chris Barron (with Mark Robertshaw) runner-up in Southampton City Doubles

16/09/17 Marc wins EPA Junior Shooting Championship

10/09/17 David and Paula win SCPA Mixed Doubles

03/09/17 David & Marc runners-up in Worthing Open Doubles

13/08/17 Dave, Lee and Diane win the Oxshott Open Triples

12 & 13/08/17 David and Marc (with another junior David Blyton) win 10 games out of 12 playing as England 6. England retain the Home Nations title.

06/08/17 Dave & Mike and Ali (with Dave Lucas) reach semi-finals of SCPA Over 50s Doubles.

23/07/17 David semi-finalist at EPA Mens Rankings Triples. Glenn (with Stuart Floyd & Callum Lombard) wins Plate.

16/07/17 Richard wins SCPA Singles

02/07/17 Dave and Richard win Fareham Open Doubles

18/06/17 Dave and Richard (with Martin Hughes and Stone Williams) runners-up in EPA Veterans

11/06/17 Marc wins Handcross Charity Doubles with another junior Jamie Brooks.

04/06/17 David, Oscar, Steve Daykin, Glenn, Lee, Dave, Richard, Simon, Steve Lombard and Mike Tull qualify for SCPA squad.

28/05/17 Steve Daykin (with Mark Robertshaw) wins Silver competition at EPA Doubles.

27/05/17 David wins Silver competition at EPA Singles, Steve Daykin runner-up. Lee wins Bronze competition.

14/05/17 Oscar ranked 1st in EPA Singles Qualifier event

07/05/17 David and Oscar (with David Blyton) qualify for the England Home Nations team in 6th place.

01/05/17 Marc selected for the National Youth ‘A’ Squad and Liam selected for the National Youth ‘B’ Squad.

01/05/17 Oscar and Marc win the SCPA Adult/Junior Doubles . Liam runner-up (with Stuart Floyd)

23/04/17 Steve Lombard (with Callum Lombard & Graham Galton) wins Arundel Triples, Dave S, Richard and Simon runners-up.

09/04/17 Steve D and Oscar retain Cobbetts Doubles title. Dave S and Richard semi-finalists.

25/03/17 David & Oscar runners-up in SCPA Winter Doubles

12/03/17 Dave, Mike & Ali Plate semi-finalists in SCPA Open

05/03/17 Dave wins SCPA melee at Fareham. Cobbetts clean sweep with Mike P 2nd and Richard 3rd!

05/02/17 Paula wins SCPA melee at Ship. David equal 2nd.

29/01/17 David and Oscar reach final at Adur. By mutual consent final not played due to bad weather.

27/11/16 Richard wins first SCPA Winter Melee at Burridge

13/11/16 David & Marc beat Dave Plumhoff & Oscar in final of Poppy Doubles

01/11/16 Hassi Leverett (Fareham) wins Firework Melee

23/10/16 Cobbetts retain 9-a-side Salver winning 16 out of 18 games.

16/10/16 Dani (with Graham Galton) runner-up in SCPA Doubles. Dave and Richard semi-finalists.

15/10/16 David & Oscar win SCPA Summer Doubles. Cobbetts players take top 5 places

09/10/16 Paula, Terry & Steve B runners-up in Worthing Triples

08/10/16 David & Dave P win Champion of Champions Doubles

02/10/16 David, Oscar and Marc win Fareham Triples

25/09/16 Dave S and Mike reach last 8 of Over 50s Champion of Champions.

18/09/16 Dave P runner-up in SCPA Mixed Doubles.

18/09/16 Dave P runner-up in SCPA Mixed Doubles.

10 & 11/09/16 Ten Cobbetts players help the Southern Counties win both the Division 1 Championship and Division 1 Challenge trophies at Hayling Island.

10/09/16 Oscar runner-up in Champion of Champions shooting.

04/09/16 David beats Oscar to win the SCPA Singles. Glenn and Steve Lombard are beaten in an all-Cobbetts semi-final. Oscar just pips Dave P. to win the

SCPA Shooting Championship, with David 3rd.

21/08/16 David, Oscar & Glenn win Oxshott Triples

14/08/16 Dave S and Mike Porter win SCPA Over 50s Doubles

06 & 07/08/16 Dave P in best team in Edinburgh with 12 wins +112. David, Oscar, Steve D also undefeated in all 12 matches to help England win the Home


24/07/16 Dave Plumhoff qualifies to play in the England team at the 2017 European Championship by winning the EPA Mens Triples Championship

24/07/16 Paula Fauvel finishes 5th in the EPA Womens Triples and has qualified for the 14 strong National Ladies Squad in 11th place.

17/07/16 Dave & Lyn and Mike & Ali semi-finalists in Arundel Doubles

09 & 10/07/16 Cobbetts’ teams take the top 2 places in the SCPA Masters. Full Results

03/07/16 Dave S and Richard win main consolage at Fareham Doubles

26/06/16 David, Oscar & Dave P win Southampton City Triples

19/06/16 ** Cobbetts win EPA Cup ** Report

19/06/16 Steve Lombard (with Callum Lombard & Kaylee Thatcher) wins SCPA Triples

12/06/16 David and Oscar win Handcross Charity Doubles

30/05/16 Steve Lombard (with Karen) winners of Gold Plate at EPA Mixed Doubles.

29/05/16 Paula (with Chrstine Peat) runner-up in EPA Ladies Doubles. Oscar and David semi-finalists in EPA Mens Doubles. Steve Lombard & Lee win


28/05/16 Oscar reaches last 8 of EPA Mens Singles.

08/05/16 David, Oscar and Steve D qualify as England 6 for Home Nations, Dave P qualifies as England 7.

02/05/16 Marc and Oscar win SCPA Adult/Junior Doubles. Liam Floyd (with Stuart Floyd) runners-up.

01/05/16 David, Oscar and Marc win Farmhouse Open. Dave, Richard and Steve D runners-up in consolage

24/04/16 Dave P wins Arundel Open Triples. Dave, Rich & Steve D in Semis.

17/04/16 Dave P wins Handcross Open Triples beating Steve Lombard in final.

10/04/16 Steve D & Oscar win Cobbetts Doubles. Dave & Richard runners-up. Lee & Diane Plate winners. Full results

09/04/16 David, Oscar & Dave P and Ali & Mike (with Steve Snudden) semi-finalists in Fareham Triples

03/04/16 Steve Daykin (with Graham Galton) runners-up in New Forest Open Doubles. Dave & Rich in Semis.

27/03/16 Dave S, Steve D & Richard runners-up in SCPA Open at Worthing. David, Oscar & Dave P semi-finalists.

25/03/16 Dave S, Steve D and Richard beat David, Oscar and Dave P in all Cobbetts final at Bordon Triples.

06/02/16 Dave S wins SCPA Winter Melee at The Ship

24/01/16 David & Oscar win Adur Snowboules Doubles. Lee & Diane runners-up, Terry & Paula 5th, Liam & Marc 6th

24/01/16 David & Oscar win Adur Snowboules Doubles. Lee & Diane runners-up, Terry & Paula 5th, Liam & Marc 6th

13/12/15 Callum wins Christmas Curry Cup.

22/11/15 Cobbetts out of EuroCup but through to last 8 of EPA Cup.

15/11/15 Chris B, Dave and Richard win Main Consolage at Secretary’s Cup.

08/11/15 David & Dani win Poppy Doubles. Paula & Terry win Plate and Mike & Ali win Plate Consolage.

25/10/15 Cobbetts retain SCPA 9-a-side Salver

18/10/15 David and Dave P. win SCPA Doubles

11/10/15 Dave S. and Richard semi-finalists in Handcross Doubles

10/10/15 David and Dave P. semi-finalists in Champion of Champions Doubles

03/10/15 Steve & Karen Lombard win Summer Doubles. Alan & Steve D. runners-up.

20/09/15 Dave S. and Ali semi-finalists in SCPA Mixed Doubles

12&13/09/15 SCPA finish 3rd in Inter-Regional. Glenn, Steve D & David win 9/12. Dave, Rich & Steve Lombard win 8/12.

06/09/15 Dave Plumhoff wins SCPA Singles. Paula Fauvel reaches semi-finals.

09/08/15 Steve & Karen Lombard runners-up in SCPA over 50s.

02/08/15 Steve Lombard,Steve Daykin,Dave Plumhoff&David Cruz finish 3rd in EPA Qualifiers.

11 &12/07/15 All 12 Cobbetts players in SCPA Masters finish in the top 6 positions and so qualify for the ‘Main Squad’ (top 8).

05/07/15 Glenn(with Stuart Floyd & Graham Elcome) win Cranleigh Open. Lee, Diane and Mike runners-up.

05/07/15 Steve Lombard, Steve Daykin, Dave Plumhoff & David Cruz qualify for EPA Top 8.

28/06/15 David, Dave P & Karen win S’ton City Triples. Steve D runner-up (with Graham Galton & Wayne Webster).

21/06/15 Karen (with Tony and Peter Kidd) wins SCPA Triples. David & Steve D (with Harrison) are runners-up.

13/06/15 Steve Daykin runner-up in Martin Baker Singles, Harrow

31/05/15 Dave & Rich win 5 games out of 5 in Shedfield Doubles

24/05/15 Steve Daykin (& Mark Robertshaw) reach semi-finals in EPA Doubles

10/05/15 Dave P & David qualify for Home Nations as England 2

10/05/15 Paula & Terry runners-up in Oxshott Doubles consolage.

04/05/15 Dave P (Sean Prendergast & Neil Stevenson) win Jersey Open Triples

04/05/15 Marc and David Cruz win SCPA Adult/Junior Doubles

03/05/15 Dave, Steve & Karen Lombard win Farmhouse Triples. Steve Love, Sue and Robert win consolage.

02 & 03/05/15 Dave P (& Sean Prendergast) 3rd in Jersey Open Doubles

26/04/15 Steve Lombard & David win Cobbetts Open Doubles Report

19/04/15 Mike, Lyn & Steve B consolage runners-up at ABC.

19/04/15 Dave P & Karen(with Ian Birchell) runners-up at Adur. Steve Lombard, Rich & Diane semi-finalists.

12/04/15 Dani, David & Dave P beat Steve & Karen (with Ian Birchell) in final of Arundel Open Triples. Simon, Richard & Steve D runners-up in Plate.

06/04/15 Dave P and David (with Sean Prendergast) win the first Cody Open Triples.

03/04/15 Dave, Rich & Steve Lombard triumph against Glenn, David & Steve Daykin in an all-Cobbetts final at Bordon

29/03/15 Karen & Dave Plumhoff win Handcross Triples. Dave, Rich & Steve Lombard runners-up. Ali & Mike semi-finalists.

28/03/15 Steve & Hannah Lombard win SCPA Winter Doubles

22/03/15 Cobbetts unbeaten in High Level Roofing trophy win

20/03/15 Cobbetts 7 win Indoor League. Cobb@Quob win Plate

08/03/15 Mari 3rd in Fareham Mad March melee

01/03/15 Lee wins SCPA Winter Melee at Hampshire Rose

01/02/15 Dave runner-up in SCPA Winter melee at Ship

14/12/14 Steve Lombard wins Christmas Curry melee

07/12/14 Dave runner-up in SCPA Winter Melee at Shedfield

30/11/14 Mike wins SCPA Winter Melee at Burridge

09/11/14 David wins Poppy Doubles with Dave Plumhoff

26/10/14 Cobbetts retain SCPA 9-a-side Salver

19/10/14 David wins SCPA Doubles with Dave Plumhoff

12/10/14 Richard & Steve Brickell win Dairyman’s Daughter Doubles

11/10/14 David & Dave win EPA Champion Of Champions Doubles

04/10/14 Dave & Richard win SCPA Summer Doubles

21/09/14 Karen wins SCPA Mixed Doubles with Ian Burchell.

13&14/09/14 Mike, Ali, Glenn, Simon, David, Karen & Callum help SCPA to 3rd place in Inter-Regional. Dave, Rich, Steve Lombard, Steve D & Chris B in

SCPA team that win Challenge.

07/09/14 David and Steve D win SCPA Triples with Harrison

17/08/14 Paula and Steve Brickell win Adur Charity Doubles. Terry and Robert 3rd.

27/07/14 David wins Hampshire Rose Triples. Dave, Dani & Mike Runners-up.

20/07/14 David and Dave runners-up in Arundel Summer Doubles

12&13/07/14 Mixed fortunes for Cobbetts players at SCPA Masters. Simon won all games to finish 1st, Glenn, Karen & Callum were 2nd, David 4th, Mike and

Ali 5th.

30/06/14 Dave, Richard & Steve Lombard win Southampton City Triples. Alan Baker, Paula and Steve Brickell win Plate.

22/06/14 David Cruz wins SCPA Singles, Dave 3rd in SCPA Shooting.

21/06/14 Steve Daykin semi-finalist in Martin Baker Singles

08/06/14 12 Cobbetts players qualify for Masters (Top 12). Steve&Sue just miss out in 13th.

01/06/14 Steve and Karen win Worthing Open Doubles

01/06/14 Dave & Richard win 4 out of 5 in Shedfield Rolling Doubles

25/05/14 Steve Daykin (with Mark Robertshaw) semi-finalists in EPA National Doubles.

18/05/14 18 Cobbetts players take part in 1st regional qualifier. Dave, Steve Lombard and Richard win all 5 games.

11/05/14 Dave & Rich semi-finalists in Oxshott Doubles

04/05/14 Steve&Karen(with Ian Burchill) win Farmhouse Triples. Steve Daykin wins consolage. Dave, Ali & Mike win Plate

27/04/14 Chris B, Steve D (with Mark Robertshaw) win Arundel Spring Triples. Steve, Karen & Dave runners-up.

18/04/14 Mike and Lyn (with Steve Snudden) runners-up at Bordon

13/04/14 Glenn and Stuart win Cobbetts Doubles. Dani runner-up. Report

06/04/14 Dani wins Handcross April Fools Triples, David runner-up. Dave, Rich & Steve Lombard win Silver competition.

04/04/14 Mike, Ali, Lee & Diane runners-up in SCPA Quiz

22/03/14 Dave & Richard beat David (with Geoff Ogle) in the SCPA Winter Doubles final. Steve D (with Mike Sheppard) 3rd, Pete&Lyn 4th, Mike&Ali 6th,

Steve B&Alan F 7th.

16/03/14 Steve Daykin and David win Hayling Island Doubles

09/03/14 Dave and David win Fareham March Hare Doubles. Steve Daykin (with Mike Sheppard 3rd)

02/03/14 David wins SCPA Melee at Hampshire Rose

09/02/14 David wins Arundel Winter Doubles (with Dave Plumhoff). Mike & Ali win consolage.

02/02/14 Terry runner-up in SCPA Winter Melee at Ship. David equal 4th.

26/01/14 Mike & Steve Daykin win Silver Competition at Adur

15/12/13 Steve Daykin wins Christmas Curry Cup Report

01/12/13 David wins SCPA Winter Melee at Sheffield

24/11/13 David wins SCPA Winter Melee at Burridge

10/11/13 Dave and Richard win Poppy Doubles. Alan and Steve D runners-up after all Cobbetts semi-finals!

03/11/13 Mike,Ali&Chris B win Silver comp, in Secretary’s Cup. Dave,Rich&Lyn runners-up.

27/10/13 Cobbetts win 9-a-side Salver

20/10/13 David and Dani win SCPA Doubles

12/10/13 Steve and Karen retain Summer Doubles title. Dave and Richard 2nd, David (with Geoff Ogle) 3rd, Mike and Ali 4th

22/09/13 Ali and Dave runners-up in SCPA Mixed Doubles. Mike and Lyn win the Plate.

14&15/09/13 10 Cobbetts players represent the SCPA in the Inter-Regional at Hayling Island. SCPA finish 4th.

08/09/13 Dave, Richard and Steve Lombard win SCPA Triples

01/09/13 Dave and Richard win Plate at EPA Over 50s

10&11/08/13 David and Dani (with Stuart Floyd and Geoff Ogle) win 8 of their 12 matches to help England retain Home Nations Cup

13&14/07/13 Cobbetts players successful at SCPA Masters (Top 12). All 10 qualify for Championship squad (Top 8 teams)

07/07/13 David & Dani (with Stuart Floyd & Graham Elcome) qualify in 6th place for EPA Top 8

30/06/13 Steve Brickell, Alan Baker & Paula and Steve Lombard, Dave & Lyn reach semi-finals of Southampton City Triples

18/06/13 Dave wins SCPA Shooting Competition. David runner-up in SCPA Singles and Dave semi-finalist.

27/05/13 Steve&Karen Lombard reach quarter-finals of EPA Mixed Doubles. Chris B (with Kim Lachani) quarter-finals of silver.

26/05/13 Chris Barron&Steve Daykin reach last 16 of EPA Doubles. Steve&Karen Lombard runners-up in silver competition.

05/05/13 Steve, Karen and Callum win Farmhouse Open Triples

28/04/13 David and Dani (with Stuart Floyd) qualify as England 4 for the Home Nations in Edinburgh.

Dave, Richard, Steve Lombard runners-up in Handcross May Day Triples.

26/04/13 Mike, Lyn, Dave and Ali win SCPA Quiz.

21/04/13 David (with Dave Lucas) wins Cobbetts Doubles beating Steve and Karen in the final.

07/04/13 Chris Barron and Steve Daykin win Worthing Doubles

29/03/13 David&Dani (with Graham Elcome) win Bordon Triples. Ali, Mike&Chris B runners-up.

23/03/13 Chris Barron (with Sean Prendergast) win SCPA Winter Doubles. Steve&Callum Lombard 4th, Dave Stubbs&Richard Greeves 5th, David&Marc Cruz

6th, Dani Soriano (with Geoff Ogle) 8th, Alan Forse&Eric Haskell 12th

16/12/12 Dave wins Cobbetts Christmas Cup Report

02/12/12 Steve Love 2nd & Dave 3rd in SCPA Melee at Shedfield

11/11/12 Chris Barron (with Bernie) wins Poppy Doubles Plate Report

04/11/12 Dave, Rich&Alan semi-finalists in Secretary’s Cup. Ali, Mike&Lyn win Main Consolage

21/10/12 Steve and Callum Lombard win SCPA Doubles

30/09/12 Dave and Richard semi-finalists in EPA Over 50s again.

23/09/12 Dave and Ali runners-up in SCPA Mixed Doubles Plate

15&16/09 Cobbetts players help Southern Counties take 2nd place in the Inter-Regional championship. Report and Pictures

09/09/12 Dave wins SCPA Shooting competition

01/09/12 10 Cobbetts players feature in SCPA’s 28-17 win over Chiltern Region at Burridge.

22/07/12 Steve & Sue runners-up in Arundel Doubles Consolage

26/06/12 Richard, Simon and Tim win Club Triples

23&24/06 Simon in SCPA No.1 team after Masters. Team 3 – Glenn, Stuart, Karen. Team 5 – Steve Lombard, Richard, Dave. Team 10 – Ali, Mike and Chris


17/06/12 Simon runner-up in So’ton City Triples. Dave, Alan and Lyn Main Consolage winners.

27/05/12 Dave. Richard & Steve Lombard semi-finalists in SCPA Triples. Ali, Mike & Chris B Plate winners

13/05/12 Dave and Richard win Cobbetts Club Doubles Report

07/05/12 Chris Barron wins SCPA Adult/Junior Doubles

29/04/12 Dave and Richard runners-up in Cobbetts Open Doubles Report

22/04/12 Dave and Richard runners-up in Adur Spring Doubles

15/04/12 Dave, Steve Lombard and Richard win Arundel Triples. Ali, Mike and Chris Barron win Main Consolage Pictures

06/04/12 Lyn, Alan Forse and Dave win Main Consolage at Bordon Open

06/04/12 Lyn, Alan Forse and Dave win Main Consolage at Bordon Open

25/03/12 Cobbetts A 3rd in High Level Roofing Trophy Details

24/03/12 Dave and Richard 5th in Winter Doubles, Robert and Chris Lewis 8th Pictures

14/03/12 Cobbetts teams successful in Indoor League Results

28/02/12 New floodlights erected and switched on

05/02/12 Richard 3rd in SCPA Melee at The Ship

18/12/11 Dave wins Cook’s Christmas Cud Report

04/12/11 Dave wins Shedfield melee, Terry runner-up

13/11/11 Cobbetts Poppy Doubles raised £250 Details

02/10/11 Dave and Richard semi-finalists in EPA Over 50s Doubles

25/09/11 Dave and Ali win SCPA Mixed Doubles

18/09/11 Cobbetts players help SCPA to 2nd place in Inter-Regional Championship and 2nd place in Inter-Regional Challenge Tournament. Report

10/09/11 Dave and Richard win Limedowne Open Doubles

04/09/11 Rich 3rd in SCPA Shooting Competition

03/07/11 Dave, Rich & Steve Lombard 2nd in SCPA Masters, Simon 5th, Glenn, Stuart & Chris B 7th, Ali, Mike, Steve Love & Sue 11th.

26/06/11 Dave (with Dave Lucas) semi-finalist in Arundel Doubles. Ali (with Mike Tull) runner-up in main consolage.

12/06/11 Dave, Richard & Steve Lombard win a very wet Southampton City Open

05/06/11 Dave and Richard runners-up in Handcross Charity Doubles

15/05/11 Dave, Richard & Steve Lombard win all 5 games in Regional Qualifier 1. Ali, Mike, Steve Love & Sue and Glenn, Stuart & Chris Barron win 3 games.

17/04/11 Simon wins Arundel Spring Doubles, Chris Barron runner-up

10/04/11 Richard runner-up in Cobbetts Doubles, Alan & Dave semi-finalists Details

03/04/11 Simon wins Arundel Open Triples

27/03/11 Cobbetts 1 semi-finalists in High Level Roofing Trophy

26/03/11 Dave and Richard retain SCPA Winter Doubles title, Mike & Ali 4th

21/03/11 Dave & Richard, Ali & Mike and Steve & Sue qualify for Winter Doubles Final on March 26th at Burridge.

06/02/11 Sue Sandy 3rd in SCPA Melee at The Ship

12/12/10 Results of Cobbetts Christmas Curry Cup

26/11/10 Skittles at Twyford Social Club

14/11/10 Cobbetts Poppy Doubles – Results

24/10/10 Dave and Richard Runners-up in SCPA Doubles

16/10/10 Dave and Richard win Summer Doubles, Alan and Eric 4th, Ali and Mike 5th

02/10/10 Dave and Richard 2nd in EPA Champion of Champions Doubles

19/09/10 Cobbetts players help SCPA win Inter-Regional Photos

11/09/10 Richard and Simon runners-up in Limes Open Doubles

05/09/10 Dave and Richard runners-up in Shedfield Doubles

04/09/10 Rich and Simon runners-up in Admiral Autumn Doubles

18/07/10 Dave, Richard and Alan Forse runners-up in SCPA Triples

10&11/07/10 Dave, Richard and Steve Lombard 5th in SCPA Masters, Sue, Steve Love, Mike and Ali 11th.

06/06/10 Dave and Richard win Handcross Tony Watson Doubles

08/05/10 Richard & Sue Greeves win Worthing Open Doubles

03/05/10 Steve & Callum Lombard win SCPA Adult/Junior Doubles

02/05/10 Dave, Richard and Sue Greeves runners-up in Farmhouse Open

08/04/10 Cobbetts lose to Meadow in EuroCup semi-finals – Photos

01/04/10 Cobbetts Open Doubles – Report

02/04/10 Dave, Richard & Steve runners-up in Bordon Open

27/03/10 Richard and Dave win SCPA Winter Doubles

06/03/10 Cobbetts beat Nutbrook, Derby 6-1 in EuroCup Last 8

17/01/10 Cobbetts beat Adur4-3 in EuroCup 4th Round

20/12/09 Cobbetts beat Sandown&Shanklin 7-0 in EuroCup 3rd Rnd

13/12/09 Pete wins Curry Cup and Dave wins Cook’s Christmas Cup

09/12/09 Cobbetts beat Crondall 5-2 in EuroCup 2nd Round

06/12/09 Richard runner-up in SCPA Melee at Shedfield

15/11/09 Dave, Ali and Mike finish 3rd in Secretary’s Cup

10/11/09 Cobbetts beat Farmhouse 4-3 in 1st round of EuroCup

08/11/09 Dave & Richard win Cobbetts Poppy Open Doubles -Report

01/11/09 Cobbetts win 9-a-side Salver

25/10/09 Dave & Richard win SCPA Doubles

17/10/09 Dave & Richard retain Summer Doubles title

10/10/09 EPA Champion of Champions Doubles. Richard & Dave narrowly missed qualifying for semi-finals, winning 4 games out of 5

27/09/09 Richard runner-up in SCPA Singles

27/09/09 Dave 3rd in SCPA Shooting Competition

20/09/09 Richard, Simon and Steve Lombard were top SCPA team at the Inter-Regional. Callum was part of the very successful junior team.

13/09/09 Ali & Dave semi-finalists in SCPA Mixed Doubles

05/09/09 Richard and Dave win Worthing Open Doubles

14/06/09 Bowls at the Old Bowling Green Pictures

07/06/09 Simon & Dave win Lamb Open Doubles

13/04/09 Richard & Dave runners-up in Crondall Open Doubles

12/04/09 Alan & Dave win Cobbetts Open Doubles – Pictures

05/04/09 Dave, Steve and Sue win the Hampshire Rose Open Triples.

28/03/09 Steve & Karen Runners-up in Winter Doubles. Richard & Dave 3rd.

27/02/09 Cobbetts first and third in Regional Quiz

23/11/08 Dave wins the Limes Winter Melee

16/11/08 Dave, Ali & Mike runners-up in Secretary’s Cup

07/11/08 Cobbetts win 9-a-side Division 2 championship play-off

26/10/08 Richard & Dave runners-up in the SCPA Doubles

18/10/08 Richard & Dave win SCPA Summer Doubles – Picture

12/10/08 Alison & Dave win the SCPA Mixed Doubles – Pictures