Poppy Appeal Doubles 2010

Sunday, November 14th 2010

There were 20 teams booked in for the Poppy Doubles at Burridge on Remembrance Day, but there were a couple of teams that did not show up which delayed the start slightly. Hannah Lombard and Wendy Thatcher teamed-up at the last minute to give us 19 playing teams. Last year’s winners, Richard & Dave, found themselves in the Plate having missed the cut for the Main by the narrowest of margins. They had the same points difference as Malcolm and Shelley but had scored fewer points for! Roz and Lyn, having beaten Michael and Wayne in their morning league, unfortunately found themselves up against them again in the first round in the afternoon but could not repeat the feat. Malcolm and Shelley continued to progress by defeating the top team after the morning leagues, Flight Refuelling 1, 13-12. Tomasz and Karen beat one of our newest players, Barbara Felstead who has just joined Cobbetts, who was playing with one of our older ones Alan Baker! They then went on to beat Michael and Wayne in the semi-final and then overcame Malcolm and Shelly 13-7 in the final. Dave and Richard won the Plate after two all Cobbetts semi-finals! Another one of Cobbetts’ newest members, Paula Fauvel, won the Wooden Spoon along with Ken Chapman also from Cobbetts. 4 players made it to the final of the ‘Shoot the Egg’ competition, Richard, Tomasz, Michael Tull and Dave with Tomasz winning the bottle of whisky with the only hit in the final.

Main Winners                        Karen Lombard (Hampshire Rose) & Tomasz Rypien (Arundel)

Runners-up                          Malcolm & Shelley McKenzie (Limesdowne)

Semi-finalists                       Wendy Watkins & Bob Turnbull (Shedfield)

                                             Mike Tull (Bordon) & Wayne Thatcher (Southampton City)

Main Consolage Winners    Mike Gillingham & Pete Dorrington (Flight Refuelling)

                      Runners-up    Roz Silvester & Lyn May (Hampshire Rose)

Plate Winners                      Richard Greeves & Dave Stubbs (Cobbetts)

    Runners-up                      Mike Porter & Alison Stubbs (Cobbetts)

 Semi-finalists                      Steve Love & Sue Sandy (Cobbetts)

                                             Alan Forse & Eric Haskell (Cobbetts)

Plate Consolage Winners    Derek Coates & Martin Brooks (Worthing)

Wooden Spoon Winners     Ken Chapman & Paula Fauvel (Cobbetts)