Poppy Appeal Doubles

Since 2009, Cobbetts has run the Poppy Petanque Open Doubles on Remembrance Sunday.

In each of the first two years the competition raised £100 in aid of the Poppy Appeal. In 2011 a very successful day saw the amount raised increase substantially with £250 being donated to the Appeal.

2012 saw a full entry of 32 teams which enabled us to raise even more money and £300 was donated to the Appeal.

In 2013 there were 29 entries and we managed to raise £350 despite not quite having a full-house.

In 2014 another full-house of 32 teams and £400 raised.

2015 saw a terrain extension allowing 38 teams (and 6 more turned away) and an excellent £500 for the Poppy Appeal.

In 2016 BSSC agreed to the use of a small area of car park to allow us 5 more terrains giving a limit of 48 teams and still we turned teams away! The donation to the Poppy Appeal grew to £600

2017 disappointingly saw a refusal from BSSC to our request to use the car park again so the limit was back to 38 teams. The competition was full weeks before the closing date and so, with a long reserve list, many teams didn’t even attempt to enter! An excellent sum of £800 was raised.   

2018 was the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day and our aim was to raise £1000. BSSC agreed to another 2 terrains on the car park allowing us to take 42 teams. Unexpectedly a 43rd team turned up! Unfortunately their email entry had not arrived but they had traveled too far to turn away! Thanks to great support from club members and visiting players the £1000 target was reached.

2019 again saw agreement for 2 terrains on the car park. Another full house of 42 teams and at least another 6 teams unable to be accommodated. Our aim was to get as near as possible to £1000 again and this was achieved with this sum being donated again.

The 2020 competition had to be postponed on Remembrance Sunday due to the Coronavirus epidemic. It was eventually held in December but limited to 20 teams. Despite this, £600 was raised.

The 2021 competition again saw a full-house with 40 teams and one extra terrain the car park. An amazing £1360 was donated to the appeal.

The 2022 competition has its full complement of 38 teams by the beginning of October. Two terrains in the car park saw the entry increased to 42 teams. With incredible generosity from all involved, the amount raised grew again to £1500 ( the same amount raised in one year as in the first 6 years!)

For 2023, the Burridge Football Club kindly ensured their teams were all playing away, enabling us to take 48 teams with 5 terrains on the car park. This helped us to raise record £1700.

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