Skittles 2022

A very successful skittles evening was held at the Crofton on Friday, May 13th.
There were 2 teams of 10 and one of 9 (with a nominated player having an extra go in each round).

After 3 rounds, the scores were very close:
3rd Place Team 2 Ali, Dave, Jay, Chris, Julia, John, Paul B, Geoff, Vi, Ness 224 points
2nd Place Team 1 Hassi, Paul L, Mary, Patrick, Wendy, Colin, Alan B, Anne, Steve M +1 230 points
1st Place Team 3 Terri, Greg, Viv, Alan T, Penny, Alan F, Eileen, Bev, John, Sue 236 points

Overall top scorer was Alan Forse from Team 3 with 38 points (8, 16, 14)
2nd and top scorer in Team 2 was Geoff Smith with 35 points (17, 9, 9)
3rd and top scorer in Team 1 was Anne Bland with 28 points (12, 8, 8)
Lowest scorers were Alan Bland and Julia Barfoot both with 15 points. The prize of a bag of Skittles going to Julia after a play-off!

After the 3 rounds of skittles, everyone took part in a game of ‘killer’.
Ness Raynbird bowled with great accuracy to win with 2 of her 3 lives intact.
Alan Forse was 2nd and Steve Mills 3rd.

A big thank you to Terri and Viv for organising the evening.