Winter League

An Indoor Winter League is organised each year by Cobbetts Boules Club and takes place under-cover at Quob Stables Equestrian Center, Durley SO32 2AR. Matches take place on Wednesday evenings once a month from November to March. The format is 6 players in doubles with each double playing all the opponents doubles like 9 a side.



1. Each round will comprise of three games of doubles

2. Each double plays against all three doubles of the opposing team giving a total of 9 games per match.

3. Games are played in the following order

1st Round: 1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3

2nd Round: 1 v 2, 2 v 3, 3 v 1

3rd Round: 1 v 3, 2 v 1, 3 v 2

4. There is no ‘home’ team. Teams winning the toss will choose which piste in their designated playing area they want to play on.

5. All league matches will be played to PE rules and games played to 13 points (See also Rule 15).


6. For each match a team will consist of a minimum of 6 players up to a maximum of 9 players.

7. Each double may choose to have a third player who can be substituted during the match. Substitutions may only be made between rounds

8. Players names will be entered on the score sheet prior to each round.


9. Players do not need to hold a current PE licence.

10. A player may only play for one league team during the series.

11. A player may only play for one double each evening


12. All matches must start within 10 minutes of the start time of 7:30 after which time penalties will be applied as follows:

The non-offending team can claim 2 game points for each 5 minutes of absence of the opposing team or the opposing team can start play although the team is incomplete. In this case a single player can only play with 3 boules.

13. lt will be the responsibility of the team captain of the offending team (or nominated player if captain is not present) to nominate which penalty to accept. This decision must be made prior to 7:40. Late arriving players may join their teams after an end has been completed.

14. To reduce the number of late finishes, all teams are requested to commence play promptly at the agreed start time of 7:30 and to start subsequent rounds as soon as possible (without necessarily waiting for all three games of the previous round to finish).

15. If play continues beyond 10:20 the organisers, at their discretion, may issue a warning that two (or more) ends can be played. In the event of a draw after the designated ends, the organisers will allow a final deciding end. With the agreement of the venue, the organisers may allow the game to reach its normal conclusion.


16. The captains will be jointly responsible for agreeing the game scores and the final match result and for giving the match result sheet, fully completed, to the organisers before leaving and as soon as possible after the match.

17. If a league match is unfinished, for whatever reason, complete and incomplete games cores will stand as at the time the match was stopped.


18. One league point will be awarded for each match won.

19. League positions will be decided by league points or, if two or more teams have equal points, by league games difference. If teams are still equal then by points scored difference.


20. If a team is unable to fulfill a fixture then the following score will be awarded: Non¬offending team, 3-0 win (1 point); Offending team, 0-9 defeat.

21. If a team is found to have played an ineligible player then the scores for the offending team will be a 0 – 9 defeat. The non-offending team will either be given a 3 – 0 win (1 point) or the match result will be allowed to stand whichever is the better score for that team.

22. If a team does not turn up for their fixture they will still be liable for the £18.00 match AND that of the team they should have played, i.e. £36.00. This applies even if notice is given to the organisers that they are unable to play.


23.I f there is a dispute that the team captains cannot resolve, it will be the responsibility of both captains to report the matter to the organisers. The ultimate decision of the organisers shall be final, however they may confer with the Cobbetts Committee.