Cobbetts Poppy Doubles – Roll of Honour

This competition was first held in 2009. It takes place on Remembrance Sunday and proceeds aredonated to the Poppy Appeal. The format for the competition is leagues and knock-out.

Main Winners

2009 Dave Stubbs, Richard Greeves (Cobbetts)

2010 Karen Lombard (Hampshire Rose), Tomasz Rypien (Arundel)

2011 Michael Tull (Bordon), Wayne Thatcher (Southampton City)

2012 Dave Lucas (Ship), Roz Silvester (Hampshire Rose)

2013 Dave Stubbs, Richard Greeves (Cobbetts)

2014 David Franco-Cruz (Cobbetts), Dave Plumhoff (Southampton City)

2015 David Franco-Cruz, Dani Soriano (Cobbetts)

2016 David Franco-Cruz, Marc Franco-Llado (Cobbetts)

2017 Callum Lombard, Stuart Floyd (Beacon View)

2018 Karen Lombard, Callum Lombard (Beacon View)

2019 Phil Bradshaw (City of Bath), Steve Daykin (Cobbetts)

2020 Mike Tull (Cobbetts), Harrison Ash (Bordon)

2021 Phil Bradshaw (City of Bath), Steve Daykin (Cobbetts)

Plate Winners

2009 Stan Ash, Etsil Boukhobza (Crandall)

2010 Dave Stubbs, Richard Greeves (Cobbetts)

2011 Tony Kidd, Peter Kidd (Handcross)

2012 Chris Barron (Cobbetts), Bernie Miles (Southampton City)

2013 Steve Lombard (Cobbetts), Karen Lombard (Hampshire Rose)

2014 Dave Stubbs, Richard Greeves (Cobbetts)

2015 Paula Fauvel, Terry Rixon (Cobbetts)

2016 Alex Hepburn (Parley), Andy Barron (Portchester)

2017 Justin Ellis, Peter Kidd (Handcross)

2018 Mike Tull (Cobbetts), Harrison Ash (Bordon)

2019 Lee Redfern, Diane Redfern (Cobbetts)

2020 Mike Porter, Lyn Porter (Cobbetts)

2021 Mike Powlesland, Tom Williams (Portchester)

Wooden Spoon Winners

2011 Hilary Dalmasso, Gianni Dalmasso (Southampton City)

2013 Tony Kidd, Peter Kidd (Handcross)

2015 Dave Kilshaw, Carrie Litchfield (Fareham)

2016 Colin Crofts, Etsil Boukhobza (Cody)

2017 Marc Franco-Llado, Liam Floyd (Cobbetts)

2018 Martin Gordon, Diane Slater (Worthing)

2019 Tony Kidd (Handcross), Tony Mann (Brighton)

2020 Frankie Bennett (Cobbetts), Jackie Corp (Shedfield)

2021 Roger Greenhalgh, Stan Cox (Crondall)

Main Runners-up

2009 Roz Silvester, Matt Silvester (Hampshire Rose)

2010 Malcolm McKenzie, Shelley McKenzie (Limesdowne)

2011 Dave Lucas (Ship), Roz Silvester (Hampshire Rose)

2012 David Franco-Cruz, Marc Franco-Llado (Ship)

2013 Alan Forse, Steve Daykin (Cobbetts)

2014 Alison Stubbs, Mike Porter (Cobbetts)

2015 Phil Bradshaw, Ian Bailey (Cardiff East)

2016 Dave Plumhoff, Oscar Panadero-Gimeno (Cobbetts)

2017 Steve Lombard (Cobbetts), Karen Lombard (Beacon View)

2018 Dave Stubbs, Richard Greeves (Cobbetts)

2019 Paul Hayward, Sheila Hayward (Fareham)

2020 Phil Bradshaw (City of Bath), Steve Daykin (Cobbetts)

2021 Mark Robertshaw (Fareham), Steve Snudden (Caerleon)

Plate Runners-up

2009 Mark Duncan, Lynn May (Hampshire Rose)

2010 Alison Stubbs, Mike Porter (Cobbetts)

2011 Bob Bish, John Limburn (Shedfield)

2012 Michael Tull (Bordon), Wayne Thatcher (Southampton City)

2013 Dani Soriano (Cobbetts), Dave Plumhoff (Southampton City)

2014 Justin Ellis, Peter Kidd (Handcross)

2015 Angela Brooks, Tony Jackson (Worthing)

2016 Mark Robertshaw (Fareham), Graham Harrington (Searles)

2017 Tony Giordano, Peter Aldersley (Parley)

2018 Christian Biagioli, David Winkwoth (Burnham)

2019 Steve Lombard (River Hamble), Dave Lucas (Ship)

2020 Nigel Sibbring (Handcross), Martin Gordon (Worthing)

2021 Nick Corner (Bordon), Steve Davies (Crondall)

Wooden Spoon Runners-up

2011 Alan Forse (Cobbetts), Bernie Miles (Southampton City)

2013 Marc Cruz (Cobbetts), Geoff Ogle (Ship)

2015 Mike Moss, Liz Moss (Fareham)

2016 Dave Kilshaw, Sue McAleese (Fareham)

2017 Steve Davies, Nick Corner (Bordon)

2018 Chris Barron, Simon Greeves (Cobbetts)

2019 Steve Love, Sue Sandy (Cobbetts)


2021 Rod Bennett (Cobbetts), Maureen Lee (Southsea)