New Fencing (Update)

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Update 24th September 2020

The metal fencing in front of the gas tank has now been erected and 3 of the sleepers have been replaced. There are still several others that need replacing and so a working party will be required soon.

The new sign has also been fitted and looks very nice. We are now investigating the possibility of some small signs by the entrance lane to show people where we are.

Update 4th September 2020

Scoreboards all back on.
The last of the fencing, which is the metal fencing to protect the gas tank, will be fitted next week.
The rotten sleepers will also be replaced next week.

Update 21st August 2020

Our new fencing is coming on nicely. All the posts and gravel boards are in. Palings are rapidly being installed. Everything looking fantastic!
The terrain is going to be looking good for when we eventually start competitions again.
Great job by Wolstenholme Contractors Ltd.

Mike Porter