Old Club News

02/05/21 Steve Daykin wins Handcross Open Triples (with Ashley & Angie Jamieson)
29/04/21 Friendly v Southampton City (Home). A good evening but lost 4-5 (or was it 3-6?)
25/04/21 David Franco Cruz (with Sean Prendergast & Callum Lombard) is semi-finalist in South Coast Triples at Worthing. Hassi Leverett and Jay Willcocks (with Mark Robertshaw) win Gold Consolage.
18/04/21 David Franco Cruz (with Callum Lombard) wins Worthing Spring Open Doubles.
30/03/21 Hassi wins ‘Welcome Back’ club night melee. Report and Photos

20/12/20 Alan Forse wins Christmas Melee. Vi Parsons is best newcomer. Report and photos
13/12/20 Mike Tull and Harrison Ash win the rescheduled Poppy Doubles. Report and photos
31/10/20 SCPA Autumn Cup Semi-Finals and Final, Burridge
Semi-Final: Cobbetts A v Fareham Conifers Won 3-2
Final: Cobbetts A v River Hamble Lost 2-3 Report and Photos
18/10/20 Dave Lucas & Steve Lombard are runners-up in SCPA Winter Doubles. Dave Stubbs & Richard Greeves finish 5th. Report & Results
01/10/20 Friendly v Southampton City (Away) Won 5 Lost 3 Drawn 1
01/09/20 David beats Diane to take the Club Singles title Full Results
23/02/20 Ali, Mike and Jay win the Worthing Charity Triples

15/12/19 Steve Daykin wins Cobbetts Christmas Cup melee. Robin and Viv share Curry Cup for best newcomers
08/12/19 Dave wins SCPA Melee held after the AGM
10/11/19 Steve Daykin wins Poppy Doubles (with Phil Bradshaw). Lee and Diane win Plate competition. 27/10/19 Hassi wins SCPA Secretary’s Cup (with Steve Lombard and Mark Robertshaw).
Ali wins Main Consolage (with Glenn Floyd and Dave Lucas).
26/10/19 David and Marc win SCPA Summer Doubles
20/10/19 Cobbetts runners-up in SCPA 9-a-side Salver
29/09/19 Lee & Diane and Richard and Sue Greeves reach semi-finals of SCPA Mixed Doubles.
22/09/19 Mike & Dave win Southampton City Open Doubles.
01/09/19 Marc wins SCPA Doubles (with Liam Kidd).
23/08/19 Steve Daykin, Callum Lombard and Glenn Floyd win Twinning Trophy back from the French. Steve & Callum Lombard with Vincent win melee.
18/08/19 Steve Daykin runner-up in Worthing Open Triples (with Barry Wing and Ashley Jamieson)
04/08/19 Steve Daykin wins Bath Open (with Callum Lombard and Jamie Brooks).
04/08/19 Lee reaches semi-finals of SCPA Over 50s (with Dave Peerman).
20 & 21/07/19 11 Cobbetts players play in the SCPA Masters at Southsea- Dave, Rich, Steve D, David, Marc, Rod, Mike, Ali, Bernie, Chris and Steve B.
13 &14/07/19 Steve Daykin wins La British Open Triples (with Callum Lombard and Jamie Brooks)
07/07/19 David wins Arundel Summer Doubles (with Graham Elcome)
30/06/19 Dave, Richard and Steve B runners-up in Southampton City Triples.
22/06/19 Hassi runner-up in National Veterans Triples (with Graham Elcome and Duncan Brown)
01/06/19 Steve D and Marc runners-up in SCPA Adult/Junior Doubles
26/05/19 Dave & Richard win Fareham Open Doubles beating Ali and Pete in the final.
12/05/19 Steve Daykin (with Phil Bradshaw and Clive De Silva) qualify as England 1 for Home Nations.
11/05/19 Ali and Mike Porter (with Matt Slater) win Southsea Open Triples Plate.
05/05/19 Steve Daykin (with Vince Wills and Mark Robertshaw) runners-up in SCPA Open Triples. Lee and Diane win Silver consolage.
04/05/19 Steve Daykin and Dave runners-up in Gold consolage at SCPA Open Doubles.
27 & 28/04/19 Cobbetts take 3rd place in EuroCup finals behind Baldock Town and London but ahead of Manston. Results
14/04/19 Steve Daykin wins Worthing Doubles with Jamie Brooks
14/04/19 Hassi wins PE International Women’s Day Doubles with Karen Lombard
31/03/19 Callum Lombard and Barry Wing win Cobbetts Doubles
23/03/19 Mike Tull (With Sammy Thacher) win SCPA Winter Doubles. David and Marc are runners-up
15/03/19 Leftovers retain the Indoor League Trophy. Cobb@Quob win Silver and Cobbetts 6 win Bronze.
09/03/19 Dave, Rich & Steve D. win Main Consolage at Arundel
03/03/19 Terry joint winner of SCPA Melee at Fareham

27/12/18 Hassi & Lee win Arundel Winter Doubles

11/11/18 Karen & Callum win Poppy Doubles, Dave and Rich are runners-up. £1000 raised for Poppy Appeal

27/10/18 Mike & Ali win SCPA Summer Doubles. Dave & Rich runners-up.

21/10/18 Cobbetts A runners-up in 9-a-side Salver, Cobbetts Extras 3rd.

14/10/18 Mike & Ali win SCPA Doubles. Glenn & Liam runners-up.

08/10/18 Glenn & Lee and Steve Lombard (with Callum) are both semi-finalists at PE Champion Of Champions

30/09/18 Steve Brickell, Chris Barron and Hassi are Semi-finalists in Worthing Open Triples.

15 & 16/09/18 11 Cobbetts players in the SCPA team that finished 3rd in the Inter-Regionals (David, Dave, Steve D, Richard, Glenn, Steve L, Mike P, Ali,

Mike T, Diane and Lee.15 & 16/09/18 Marc and Liam (with Jamie Brooks and Sally Sin) win the Junior Inter-Regional Championship for the region.

15/09/18 Marc retains EPA Junior Precision Shooting title

09/09/18 David retains SCPA Mixed Doubles title with Paula.

19/08/18 Dave & Rich win ‘C competition in Groningen Doubles (96 teams).

18/08/18 Dave, Rich, Steve D, Mike & Ali play in Groningen Triples (80 teams).

22/07/18 Mike and Lyn runners-up in Arundel Doubles Plate

14 & 15/07/18 David, Steve Lombard, Dave, Richard, Steve Daykin, Glenn, Mike, Ali all qualify for the SCPA Inter-Regional Squad

07/07/18 Richard semi-finalist in SCPA Singles

17/06/18 Steve Lombard & Glenn (with Matt Slater) runners-up in EPA Ranking Triples. David semi-finalist.

16/06/18 Steve Daykin (with Lee Jamieson) semi-finalist in EPA Ranking Doubles

10/06/18 Dave, Rich & Steve Daykin qualify for Masters in 1st place after 2nd SCPA Qualifier at Worthing.

09/06/18 Glenn wins Adult/Junior Doubles with Jamie Brooks. David and Liam are runners-up

03/06/18 Steve Daykin (with Jamie Brooks) runner-up in Handcross Charity Doubles. Steve Brickell 3rd.

28/05/18 David (with Paula Fauvel) winner of Bronze competition at EPA Mixed Doubles

27/05/18 David and Marc quarter-finalists in EPA Doubles. Glenn (with Mark Robertshaw) silver semi-finalist.

26/05/18 Glenn Gold consolage winner at EPA Singles

12/05/18 Steve Daykin semi-finalist at EPA Ranking Singles, Glenn quarter-finalist.

06/05/18 Steve Daykin wins gold consolage in SCPA Open Singles

05/05/18 Dave, Rich & Steve Daykin semi-finalists in SCPA Open Doubles

29/04/18 David, Marc & Steve Daykin runners-up at Adur

21/04/18 Successful ‘Petanque & Prosecco Afternoon Tea’. Report

15/04/18 Dave, Rich & Steve Daykin runners-up at Arundel

11/04/18 Article on Poppy Doubles published in Loop magazine. Article

08/04/18 Dave, Rich & Steve Daykin semi-finalists at Handcross

01/04/18 Steve Daykin with Callum wins Cobbetts Doubles. Ali and Mike semi-finalists. Report

30/03/18 David wins Bordon Triples with Callum and Stuart. Dave, Rich and Steve Daykin runners-up.

25/02/18 Dave & Rich win Worthing Charity Doubles consolage

03/12/17 Dave wins SCPA Winter Melee at Burridge. David runner-up.

19/11/17 Steve Lombard, Alan and Rod runners-up in Secretary’s Cup. Dave & Ali (with Dave Lucas) plate runners-up.

12/11/17 Stuart Floyd and Callum Lombard win Poppy Doubles. Steve & Karen Lombard are runners-up. Report

05/11/17 Dave wins SCPA Winter Melee at Shedfield

22/10/17 Cobbetts retain SCPA 9-a-side Salver

16/10/17 Steve Lombard (with Callum) wins SCPA Doubles. Glenn and Lee are runners-up.

24/09/17 Chris Barron (with Mark Robertshaw) runner-up in Southampton City Doubles

16/09/17 Marc wins EPA Junior Shooting Championship

10/09/17 David and Paula win SCPA Mixed Doubles

03/09/17 David & Marc runners-up in Worthing Open Doubles

13/08/17 Dave, Lee and Diane win the Oxshott Open Triples

12 & 13/08/17 David and Marc (with another junior David Blyton) win 10 games out of 12 playing as England 6. England retain the Home Nations title.

06/08/17 Dave & Mike and Ali (with Dave Lucas) reach semi-finals of SCPA Over 50s Doubles.

23/07/17 David semi-finalist at EPA Mens Rankings Triples. Glenn (with Stuart Floyd & Callum Lombard) wins Plate.

16/07/17 Richard wins SCPA Singles

02/07/17 Dave and Richard win Fareham Open Doubles

18/06/17 Dave and Richard (with Martin Hughes and Stone Williams) runners-up in EPA Veterans

11/06/17 Marc wins Handcross Charity Doubles with another junior Jamie Brooks.

04/06/17 David, Oscar, Steve Daykin, Glenn, Lee, Dave, Richard, Simon, Steve Lombard and Mike Tull qualify for SCPA squad.

28/05/17 Steve Daykin (with Mark Robertshaw) wins Silver competition at EPA Doubles.

27/05/17 David wins Silver competition at EPA Singles, Steve Daykin runner-up. Lee wins Bronze competition.

14/05/17 Oscar ranked 1st in EPA Singles Qualifier event

07/05/17 David and Oscar (with David Blyton) qualify for the England Home Nations team in 6th place.

01/05/17 Marc selected for the National Youth ‘A’ Squad and Liam selected for the National Youth ‘B’ Squad.

01/05/17 Oscar and Marc win the SCPA Adult/Junior Doubles . Liam runner-up (with Stuart Floyd)

23/04/17 Steve Lombard (with Callum Lombard & Graham Galton) wins Arundel Triples, Dave S, Richard and Simon runners-up.

09/04/17 Steve D and Oscar retain Cobbetts Doubles title. Dave S and Richard semi-finalists.

25/03/17 David & Oscar runners-up in SCPA Winter Doubles

12/03/17 Dave, Mike & Ali Plate semi-finalists in SCPA Open

05/03/17 Dave wins SCPA melee at Fareham. Cobbetts clean sweep with Mike P 2nd and Richard 3rd!

05/02/17 Paula wins SCPA melee at Ship. David equal 2nd.

29/01/17 David and Oscar reach final at Adur. By mutual consent final not played due to bad weather.

27/11/16 Richard wins first SCPA Winter Melee at Burridge

13/11/16 David & Marc beat Dave Plumhoff & Oscar in final of Poppy Doubles

01/11/16 Hassi Leverett (Fareham) wins Firework Melee

23/10/16 Cobbetts retain 9-a-side Salver winning 16 out of 18 games.

16/10/16 Dani (with Graham Galton) runner-up in SCPA Doubles. Dave and Richard semi-finalists.

15/10/16 David & Oscar win SCPA Summer Doubles. Cobbetts players take top 5 places

09/10/16 Paula, Terry & Steve B runners-up in Worthing Triples

08/10/16 David & Dave P win Champion of Champions Doubles

02/10/16 David, Oscar and Marc win Fareham Triples

25/09/16 Dave S and Mike reach last 8 of Over 50s Champion of Champions.

18/09/16 Dave P runner-up in SCPA Mixed Doubles.

18/09/16 Dave P runner-up in SCPA Mixed Doubles.

10 & 11/09/16 Ten Cobbetts players help the Southern Counties win both the Division 1 Championship and Division 1 Challenge trophies at Hayling Island.

10/09/16 Oscar runner-up in Champion of Champions shooting.

04/09/16 David beats Oscar to win the SCPA Singles. Glenn and Steve Lombard are beaten in an all-Cobbetts semi-final. Oscar just pips Dave P. to win the

SCPA Shooting Championship, with David 3rd.

21/08/16 David, Oscar & Glenn win Oxshott Triples

14/08/16 Dave S and Mike Porter win SCPA Over 50s Doubles

06 & 07/08/16 Dave P in best team in Edinburgh with 12 wins +112. David, Oscar, Steve D also undefeated in all 12 matches to help England win the Home


24/07/16 Dave Plumhoff qualifies to play in the England team at the 2017 European Championship by winning the EPA Mens Triples Championship

24/07/16 Paula Fauvel finishes 5th in the EPA Womens Triples and has qualified for the 14 strong National Ladies Squad in 11th place.

17/07/16 Dave & Lyn and Mike & Ali semi-finalists in Arundel Doubles

09 & 10/07/16 Cobbetts’ teams take the top 2 places in the SCPA Masters. Full Results

03/07/16 Dave S and Richard win main consolage at Fareham Doubles

26/06/16 David, Oscar & Dave P win Southampton City Triples

19/06/16 ** Cobbetts win EPA Cup ** Report

19/06/16 Steve Lombard (with Callum Lombard & Kaylee Thatcher) wins SCPA Triples

12/06/16 David and Oscar win Handcross Charity Doubles

30/05/16 Steve Lombard (with Karen) winners of Gold Plate at EPA Mixed Doubles.

29/05/16 Paula (with Chrstine Peat) runner-up in EPA Ladies Doubles. Oscar and David semi-finalists in EPA Mens Doubles. Steve Lombard & Lee win


28/05/16 Oscar reaches last 8 of EPA Mens Singles.

08/05/16 David, Oscar and Steve D qualify as England 6 for Home Nations, Dave P qualifies as England 7.

02/05/16 Marc and Oscar win SCPA Adult/Junior Doubles. Liam Floyd (with Stuart Floyd) runners-up.

01/05/16 David, Oscar and Marc win Farmhouse Open. Dave, Richard and Steve D runners-up in consolage

24/04/16 Dave P wins Arundel Open Triples. Dave, Rich & Steve D in Semis.

17/04/16 Dave P wins Handcross Open Triples beating Steve Lombard in final.

10/04/16 Steve D & Oscar win Cobbetts Doubles. Dave & Richard runners-up. Lee & Diane Plate winners. Full results

09/04/16 David, Oscar & Dave P and Ali & Mike (with Steve Snudden) semi-finalists in Fareham Triples

03/04/16 Steve Daykin (with Graham Galton) runners-up in New Forest Open Doubles. Dave & Rich in Semis.

27/03/16 Dave S, Steve D & Richard runners-up in SCPA Open at Worthing. David, Oscar & Dave P semi-finalists.

25/03/16 Dave S, Steve D and Richard beat David, Oscar and Dave P in all Cobbetts final at Bordon Triples.

06/02/16 Dave S wins SCPA Winter Melee at The Ship

24/01/16 David & Oscar win Adur Snowboules Doubles. Lee & Diane runners-up, Terry & Paula 5th, Liam & Marc 6th

24/01/16 David & Oscar win Adur Snowboules Doubles. Lee & Diane runners-up, Terry & Paula 5th, Liam & Marc 6th

13/12/15 Callum wins Christmas Curry Cup.

22/11/15 Cobbetts out of EuroCup but through to last 8 of EPA Cup.

15/11/15 Chris B, Dave and Richard win Main Consolage at Secretary’s Cup.

08/11/15 David & Dani win Poppy Doubles. Paula & Terry win Plate and Mike & Ali win Plate Consolage.

25/10/15 Cobbetts retain SCPA 9-a-side Salver

18/10/15 David and Dave P. win SCPA Doubles

11/10/15 Dave S. and Richard semi-finalists in Handcross Doubles

10/10/15 David and Dave P. semi-finalists in Champion of Champions Doubles

03/10/15 Steve & Karen Lombard win Summer Doubles. Alan & Steve D. runners-up.

20/09/15 Dave S. and Ali semi-finalists in SCPA Mixed Doubles

12&13/09/15 SCPA finish 3rd in Inter-Regional. Glenn, Steve D & David win 9/12. Dave, Rich & Steve Lombard win 8/12.

06/09/15 Dave Plumhoff wins SCPA Singles. Paula Fauvel reaches semi-finals.

09/08/15 Steve & Karen Lombard runners-up in SCPA over 50s.

02/08/15 Steve Lombard,Steve Daykin,Dave Plumhoff&David Cruz finish 3rd in EPA Qualifiers.

11 &12/07/15 All 12 Cobbetts players in SCPA Masters finish in the top 6 positions and so qualify for the ‘Main Squad’ (top 8).

05/07/15 Glenn(with Stuart Floyd & Graham Elcome) win Cranleigh Open. Lee, Diane and Mike runners-up.

05/07/15 Steve Lombard, Steve Daykin, Dave Plumhoff & David Cruz qualify for EPA Top 8.

28/06/15 David, Dave P & Karen win S’ton City Triples. Steve D runner-up (with Graham Galton & Wayne Webster).

21/06/15 Karen (with Tony and Peter Kidd) wins SCPA Triples. David & Steve D (with Harrison) are runners-up.

13/06/15 Steve Daykin runner-up in Martin Baker Singles, Harrow

31/05/15 Dave & Rich win 5 games out of 5 in Shedfield Doubles

24/05/15 Steve Daykin (& Mark Robertshaw) reach semi-finals in EPA Doubles

10/05/15 Dave P & David qualify for Home Nations as England 2

10/05/15 Paula & Terry runners-up in Oxshott Doubles consolage.

04/05/15 Dave P (Sean Prendergast & Neil Stevenson) win Jersey Open Triples

04/05/15 Marc and David Cruz win SCPA Adult/Junior Doubles

03/05/15 Dave, Steve & Karen Lombard win Farmhouse Triples. Steve Love, Sue and Robert win consolage.

02 & 03/05/15 Dave P (& Sean Prendergast) 3rd in Jersey Open Doubles

26/04/15 Steve Lombard & David win Cobbetts Open Doubles Report

19/04/15 Mike, Lyn & Steve B consolage runners-up at ABC.

19/04/15 Dave P & Karen(with Ian Birchell) runners-up at Adur. Steve Lombard, Rich & Diane semi-finalists.

12/04/15 Dani, David & Dave P beat Steve & Karen (with Ian Birchell) in final of Arundel Open Triples. Simon, Richard & Steve D runners-up in Plate.

06/04/15 Dave P and David (with Sean Prendergast) win the first Cody Open Triples.

03/04/15 Dave, Rich & Steve Lombard triumph against Glenn, David & Steve Daykin in an all-Cobbetts final at Bordon

29/03/15 Karen & Dave Plumhoff win Handcross Triples. Dave, Rich & Steve Lombard runners-up. Ali & Mike semi-finalists.

28/03/15 Steve & Hannah Lombard win SCPA Winter Doubles

22/03/15 Cobbetts unbeaten in High Level Roofing trophy win

20/03/15 Cobbetts 7 win Indoor League. Cobb@Quob win Plate

08/03/15 Mari 3rd in Fareham Mad March melee

01/03/15 Lee wins SCPA Winter Melee at Hampshire Rose

01/02/15 Dave runner-up in SCPA Winter melee at Ship

14/12/14 Steve Lombard wins Christmas Curry melee

07/12/14 Dave runner-up in SCPA Winter Melee at Shedfield

30/11/14 Mike wins SCPA Winter Melee at Burridge

09/11/14 David wins Poppy Doubles with Dave Plumhoff

26/10/14 Cobbetts retain SCPA 9-a-side Salver

19/10/14 David wins SCPA Doubles with Dave Plumhoff

12/10/14 Richard & Steve Brickell win Dairyman’s Daughter Doubles

11/10/14 David & Dave win EPA Champion Of Champions Doubles

04/10/14 Dave & Richard win SCPA Summer Doubles

21/09/14 Karen wins SCPA Mixed Doubles with Ian Burchell.

13&14/09/14 Mike, Ali, Glenn, Simon, David, Karen & Callum help SCPA to 3rd place in Inter-Regional. Dave, Rich, Steve Lombard, Steve D & Chris B in

SCPA team that win Challenge.

07/09/14 David and Steve D win SCPA Triples with Harrison

17/08/14 Paula and Steve Brickell win Adur Charity Doubles. Terry and Robert 3rd.

27/07/14 David wins Hampshire Rose Triples. Dave, Dani & Mike Runners-up.

20/07/14 David and Dave runners-up in Arundel Summer Doubles

12&13/07/14 Mixed fortunes for Cobbetts players at SCPA Masters. Simon won all games to finish 1st, Glenn, Karen & Callum were 2nd, David 4th, Mike and

Ali 5th.

30/06/14 Dave, Richard & Steve Lombard win Southampton City Triples. Alan Baker, Paula and Steve Brickell win Plate.

22/06/14 David Cruz wins SCPA Singles, Dave 3rd in SCPA Shooting.

21/06/14 Steve Daykin semi-finalist in Martin Baker Singles

08/06/14 12 Cobbetts players qualify for Masters (Top 12). Steve&Sue just miss out in 13th.

01/06/14 Steve and Karen win Worthing Open Doubles

01/06/14 Dave & Richard win 4 out of 5 in Shedfield Rolling Doubles

25/05/14 Steve Daykin (with Mark Robertshaw) semi-finalists in EPA National Doubles.

18/05/14 18 Cobbetts players take part in 1st regional qualifier. Dave, Steve Lombard and Richard win all 5 games.

11/05/14 Dave & Rich semi-finalists in Oxshott Doubles

04/05/14 Steve&Karen(with Ian Burchill) win Farmhouse Triples. Steve Daykin wins consolage. Dave, Ali & Mike win Plate

27/04/14 Chris B, Steve D (with Mark Robertshaw) win Arundel Spring Triples. Steve, Karen & Dave runners-up.

18/04/14 Mike and Lyn (with Steve Snudden) runners-up at Bordon

13/04/14 Glenn and Stuart win Cobbetts Doubles. Dani runner-up. Report

06/04/14 Dani wins Handcross April Fools Triples, David runner-up. Dave, Rich & Steve Lombard win Silver competition.

04/04/14 Mike, Ali, Lee & Diane runners-up in SCPA Quiz

22/03/14 Dave & Richard beat David (with Geoff Ogle) in the SCPA Winter Doubles final. Steve D (with Mike Sheppard) 3rd, Pete&Lyn 4th, Mike&Ali 6th,

Steve B&Alan F 7th.

16/03/14 Steve Daykin and David win Hayling Island Doubles

09/03/14 Dave and David win Fareham March Hare Doubles. Steve Daykin (with Mike Sheppard 3rd)

02/03/14 David wins SCPA Melee at Hampshire Rose

09/02/14 David wins Arundel Winter Doubles (with Dave Plumhoff). Mike & Ali win consolage.

02/02/14 Terry runner-up in SCPA Winter Melee at Ship. David equal 4th.

26/01/14 Mike & Steve Daykin win Silver Competition at Adur

15/12/13 Steve Daykin wins Christmas Curry Cup Report

01/12/13 David wins SCPA Winter Melee at Sheffield

24/11/13 David wins SCPA Winter Melee at Burridge

10/11/13 Dave and Richard win Poppy Doubles. Alan and Steve D runners-up after all Cobbetts semi-finals!

03/11/13 Mike,Ali&Chris B win Silver comp, in Secretary’s Cup. Dave,Rich&Lyn runners-up.

27/10/13 Cobbetts win 9-a-side Salver

20/10/13 David and Dani win SCPA Doubles

12/10/13 Steve and Karen retain Summer Doubles title. Dave and Richard 2nd, David (with Geoff Ogle) 3rd, Mike and Ali 4th

22/09/13 Ali and Dave runners-up in SCPA Mixed Doubles. Mike and Lyn win the Plate.

14&15/09/13 10 Cobbetts players represent the SCPA in the Inter-Regional at Hayling Island. SCPA finish 4th.

08/09/13 Dave, Richard and Steve Lombard win SCPA Triples

01/09/13 Dave and Richard win Plate at EPA Over 50s

10&11/08/13 David and Dani (with Stuart Floyd and Geoff Ogle) win 8 of their 12 matches to help England retain Home Nations Cup

13&14/07/13 Cobbetts players successful at SCPA Masters (Top 12). All 10 qualify for Championship squad (Top 8 teams)

07/07/13 David & Dani (with Stuart Floyd & Graham Elcome) qualify in 6th place for EPA Top 8

30/06/13 Steve Brickell, Alan Baker & Paula and Steve Lombard, Dave & Lyn reach semi-finals of Southampton City Triples

18/06/13 Dave wins SCPA Shooting Competition. David runner-up in SCPA Singles and Dave semi-finalist.

27/05/13 Steve&Karen Lombard reach quarter-finals of EPA Mixed Doubles. Chris B (with Kim Lachani) quarter-finals of silver.

26/05/13 Chris Barron&Steve Daykin reach last 16 of EPA Doubles. Steve&Karen Lombard runners-up in silver competition.

05/05/13 Steve, Karen and Callum win Farmhouse Open Triples

28/04/13 David and Dani (with Stuart Floyd) qualify as England 4 for the Home Nations in Edinburgh.

Dave, Richard, Steve Lombard runners-up in Handcross May Day Triples.

26/04/13 Mike, Lyn, Dave and Ali win SCPA Quiz.

21/04/13 David (with Dave Lucas) wins Cobbetts Doubles beating Steve and Karen in the final.

07/04/13 Chris Barron and Steve Daykin win Worthing Doubles

29/03/13 David&Dani (with Graham Elcome) win Bordon Triples. Ali, Mike&Chris B runners-up.

23/03/13 Chris Barron (with Sean Prendergast) win SCPA Winter Doubles. Steve&Callum Lombard 4th, Dave Stubbs&Richard Greeves 5th, David&Marc Cruz

6th, Dani Soriano (with Geoff Ogle) 8th, Alan Forse&Eric Haskell 12th

16/12/12 Dave wins Cobbetts Christmas Cup Report

02/12/12 Steve Love 2nd & Dave 3rd in SCPA Melee at Shedfield

11/11/12 Chris Barron (with Bernie) wins Poppy Doubles Plate Report

04/11/12 Dave, Rich&Alan semi-finalists in Secretary’s Cup. Ali, Mike&Lyn win Main Consolage

21/10/12 Steve and Callum Lombard win SCPA Doubles

30/09/12 Dave and Richard semi-finalists in EPA Over 50s again.

23/09/12 Dave and Ali runners-up in SCPA Mixed Doubles Plate

15&16/09 Cobbetts players help Southern Counties take 2nd place in the Inter-Regional championship. Report and Pictures

09/09/12 Dave wins SCPA Shooting competition

01/09/12 10 Cobbetts players feature in SCPA’s 28-17 win over Chiltern Region at Burridge.

22/07/12 Steve & Sue runners-up in Arundel Doubles Consolage

26/06/12 Richard, Simon and Tim win Club Triples

23&24/06 Simon in SCPA No.1 team after Masters. Team 3 – Glenn, Stuart, Karen. Team 5 – Steve Lombard, Richard, Dave. Team 10 – Ali, Mike and Chris


17/06/12 Simon runner-up in So’ton City Triples. Dave, Alan and Lyn Main Consolage winners.

27/05/12 Dave. Richard & Steve Lombard semi-finalists in SCPA Triples. Ali, Mike & Chris B Plate winners

13/05/12 Dave and Richard win Cobbetts Club Doubles Report

07/05/12 Chris Barron wins SCPA Adult/Junior Doubles

29/04/12 Dave and Richard runners-up in Cobbetts Open Doubles Report

22/04/12 Dave and Richard runners-up in Adur Spring Doubles

15/04/12 Dave, Steve Lombard and Richard win Arundel Triples. Ali, Mike and Chris Barron win Main Consolage Pictures

06/04/12 Lyn, Alan Forse and Dave win Main Consolage at Bordon Open

06/04/12 Lyn, Alan Forse and Dave win Main Consolage at Bordon Open

25/03/12 Cobbetts A 3rd in High Level Roofing Trophy Details

24/03/12 Dave and Richard 5th in Winter Doubles, Robert and Chris Lewis 8th Pictures

14/03/12 Cobbetts teams successful in Indoor League Results

28/02/12 New floodlights erected and switched on

05/02/12 Richard 3rd in SCPA Melee at The Ship

18/12/11 Dave wins Cook’s Christmas Cud Report

04/12/11 Dave wins Shedfield melee, Terry runner-up

13/11/11 Cobbetts Poppy Doubles raised £250 Details

02/10/11 Dave and Richard semi-finalists in EPA Over 50s Doubles

25/09/11 Dave and Ali win SCPA Mixed Doubles

18/09/11 Cobbetts players help SCPA to 2nd place in Inter-Regional Championship and 2nd place in Inter-Regional Challenge Tournament. Report

10/09/11 Dave and Richard win Limedowne Open Doubles

04/09/11 Rich 3rd in SCPA Shooting Competition

03/07/11 Dave, Rich & Steve Lombard 2nd in SCPA Masters, Simon 5th, Glenn, Stuart & Chris B 7th, Ali, Mike, Steve Love & Sue 11th.

26/06/11 Dave (with Dave Lucas) semi-finalist in Arundel Doubles. Ali (with Mike Tull) runner-up in main consolage.

12/06/11 Dave, Richard & Steve Lombard win a very wet Southampton City Open

05/06/11 Dave and Richard runners-up in Handcross Charity Doubles

15/05/11 Dave, Richard & Steve Lombard win all 5 games in Regional Qualifier 1. Ali, Mike, Steve Love & Sue and Glenn, Stuart & Chris Barron win 3 games.

17/04/11 Simon wins Arundel Spring Doubles, Chris Barron runner-up

10/04/11 Richard runner-up in Cobbetts Doubles, Alan & Dave semi-finalists Details

03/04/11 Simon wins Arundel Open Triples

27/03/11 Cobbetts 1 semi-finalists in High Level Roofing Trophy

26/03/11 Dave and Richard retain SCPA Winter Doubles title, Mike & Ali 4th

21/03/11 Dave & Richard, Ali & Mike and Steve & Sue qualify for Winter Doubles Final on March 26th at Burridge.

06/02/11 Sue Sandy 3rd in SCPA Melee at The Ship

12/12/10 Results of Cobbetts Christmas Curry Cup

26/11/10 Skittles at Twyford Social Club

14/11/10 Cobbetts Poppy Doubles – Results

24/10/10 Dave and Richard Runners-up in SCPA Doubles

16/10/10 Dave and Richard win Summer Doubles, Alan and Eric 4th, Ali and Mike 5th

02/10/10 Dave and Richard 2nd in EPA Champion of Champions Doubles

19/09/10 Cobbetts players help SCPA win Inter-Regional Photos

11/09/10 Richard and Simon runners-up in Limes Open Doubles

05/09/10 Dave and Richard runners-up in Shedfield Doubles

04/09/10 Rich and Simon runners-up in Admiral Autumn Doubles

18/07/10 Dave, Richard and Alan Forse runners-up in SCPA Triples

10&11/07/10 Dave, Richard and Steve Lombard 5th in SCPA Masters, Sue, Steve Love, Mike and Ali 11th.

06/06/10 Dave and Richard win Handcross Tony Watson Doubles

08/05/10 Richard & Sue Greeves win Worthing Open Doubles

03/05/10 Steve & Callum Lombard win SCPA Adult/Junior Doubles

02/05/10 Dave, Richard and Sue Greeves runners-up in Farmhouse Open

08/04/10 Cobbetts lose to Meadow in EuroCup semi-finals – Photos

01/04/10 Cobbetts Open Doubles – Report

02/04/10 Dave, Richard & Steve runners-up in Bordon Open

27/03/10 Richard and Dave win SCPA Winter Doubles

06/03/10 Cobbetts beat Nutbrook, Derby 6-1 in EuroCup Last 8

17/01/10 Cobbetts beat Adur4-3 in EuroCup 4th Round

20/12/09 Cobbetts beat Sandown&Shanklin 7-0 in EuroCup 3rd Rnd

13/12/09 Pete wins Curry Cup and Dave wins Cook’s Christmas Cup

09/12/09 Cobbetts beat Crondall 5-2 in EuroCup 2nd Round

06/12/09 Richard runner-up in SCPA Melee at Shedfield

15/11/09 Dave, Ali and Mike finish 3rd in Secretary’s Cup

10/11/09 Cobbetts beat Farmhouse 4-3 in 1st round of EuroCup

08/11/09 Dave & Richard win Cobbetts Poppy Open Doubles -Report

01/11/09 Cobbetts win 9-a-side Salver

25/10/09 Dave & Richard win SCPA Doubles

17/10/09 Dave & Richard retain Summer Doubles title

10/10/09 EPA Champion of Champions Doubles. Richard & Dave narrowly missed qualifying for semi-finals, winning 4 games out of 5

27/09/09 Richard runner-up in SCPA Singles

27/09/09 Dave 3rd in SCPA Shooting Competition

20/09/09 Richard, Simon and Steve Lombard were top SCPA team at the Inter-Regional. Callum was part of the very successful junior team.

13/09/09 Ali & Dave semi-finalists in SCPA Mixed Doubles

05/09/09 Richard and Dave win Worthing Open Doubles

14/06/09 Bowls at the Old Bowling Green Pictures

07/06/09 Simon & Dave win Lamb Open Doubles

13/04/09 Richard & Dave runners-up in Crondall Open Doubles

12/04/09 Alan & Dave win Cobbetts Open Doubles – Pictures

05/04/09 Dave, Steve and Sue win the Hampshire Rose Open Triples.

28/03/09 Steve & Karen Runners-up in Winter Doubles. Richard & Dave 3rd.

27/02/09 Cobbetts first and third in Regional Quiz

23/11/08 Dave wins the Limes Winter Melee

16/11/08 Dave, Ali & Mike runners-up in Secretary’s Cup

07/11/08 Cobbetts win 9-a-side Division 2 championship play-off

26/10/08 Richard & Dave runners-up in the SCPA Doubles

18/10/08 Richard & Dave win SCPA Summer Doubles – Picture

12/10/08 Alison & Dave win the SCPA Mixed Doubles – Pictures